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Best Computer Prices in Canada! Check back weekly for the best deals on Computers! I keep an eye on Dell, Futureshop, Best Buy, Staples and other stores to see what is high quality and low price!

Reciprocal Links Manager

Reciprocal Links ManagerAm I happy about the Reciprocal Manager? You better believe it! In fact I am excited! I had given up looking for a linking manager tool that would fill all my needs and had started the first steps in building my own. THEN I found Reciprocal Manager by ReciprocalManager.Com!
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Arelis Links Manager

Arelis Links ManagerArelis is a reciprocal link management tool. Arelis will get more customers, more sales and build you a powerful business contact network. ARELIS is a top rated software program that helps you to build a powerful business network quickly and easily.
reciprocal links manager more >> Desktop Computer $349 Canadian eh! Desktop Computer $499 Canadain eh!Desktop Low/Shipping High $349/$99 - Ok
Lowest Price $349/$99 July 30/05

2.4GHz Celeron, 256MB Ram, 80GB Hard drive ATA/100 7200rpm, 48x CD-RW Drive, 10/100 Ethernet, 56K PCI Modem, Keyboard, Optical USB Mouse, Windows XP Home, WordPerfect Productivity Pack, 1 Year Limited Warranty! No Monitor. desktop $349 more >> Laptop Computer $699 Canadian eh! Laptop Computer $899 Canadain eh!Laptop/Shipping $699/Free - BUY!
Lowest Price $699/$0 July/30

Inspiron 1200: 1.3GHz Celeron M350, 14" XGA, 256MB Ram, 30GB Hard drive, 24x CD-RW/DVD Combo, 8-Cell 43WHr NiMH Battery, 10/100 Ethernet, 56K PCI Modem, Windows XP Home, WordPerfect Productivity Pack, 1 Year Limited Warrany! laptop $899 more >> 19" LCD $333 Canadian eh! 19in LCD $355 Canadain eh!LCC Low/Shipping LOW $333/$28 - BUY
Lowest Price $333/$29 July/30
DCL9a SXGA 19" VIEWABLE Display With Amazing 700:1 Contrast Ratio! DCL’s fabulous 9a 19-inch LCD monitor sets new standards in technology and productivity with its SXGA resolution, 300 nits high brightness, 700:1 contrast ratio and super-quick 16ms response time. ! 19" LCD $333 more >>

Reciprocal Link System

Reciprocal Link SystemA good reciprocal links campaign will be fully automated expecpt for the selecting of catagories and the mining of sites. You can use some program like Arelis for mining the sites and then export/import them into a sql db system where you have a fully automated links system that will do the following things.
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Relevant Links & Rank Weight

Do Relevant Links Have More Ranking Weight or are all links created equal? It seems a lot of people have been asking this question and I have been hearing different answers.
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Integrating Keywords Into Your Web Site Copy

Integrating Keywords Into Your Web Site CopyIntegrating Keywords Into Your Web Site Copy is part of what they call on-page optimization. It is an important part of optimizing your site. While optimizing for Google is mostly getting relevant links, Yahoo seems to give more weight to on-page optimization. Repeating keywords or the key phrase you are targeting is called keyword density. Keyword denisty is usally give calculated as a percent that the keyword is of the text on a page. 3 to 5% is a pretty go guage to go by...
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Text Link Ads

Thinking of doing a reciprocal links campaign. What to make it more attractive? It seems people are more willing to give you a link if your site has high PageRank. Running an eccommerse site and need a deeper crawl to get all your inventory in the index.
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