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Quality Directory Submissions: Our Web directory submissions are done by hand by experienced directory editors. Directory submissions are a good way to build link popularity which will help your Web site rank higher in the search engines. Here is more information on how we do our quality Directory Submissions, about our High Quality Standards, what our Clients Are Saying, and check out our BBB Reliability Report.

Web Directory Submission Packages
Pick the package(s) you want your site submitted to and fill in the 4 fields below and the displayed security code. After you pay you will be taken to another form where you will fill out further information.

Canadian Web Directories Submission Packages

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Solutions with Service is a Southern Ontario BBB Member. View BBB Reliability Report.

Web Directories Submissions How-To

Select one or more of the above directory packages by checking the boxes on the left side of each row. Then fill out the 4 fields at the bottom of the list of directory packages, click the "Make Payment" button and you will be taken to a secure off-site page where you can pay by Credit Card or PayPal. You will usually be contacted with in 1 working day for further anchor text and link information and your submissions of your site will usually be placed with in 15Directory Submission Time
The time from approval to link placement as been changed from 45 days to 15 days due to reorganizing the link placement team.
days from information approval. You will be provided a detailed report showing ever page where you site has been placed. If you are not sure which package to start with Bob Mutch suggests you start with Package #1.

ILQ: Take a look at our list of ILQ Rated Directories also.
Detailed Reports: We don't just tell you -- we show you with our detailed reports.
Trust/Recourse: SEO Company is a Southern Ontario BBB Member. View our BBB Reliability Report.
High Standards: View our high directory submission stardards.
References: See what our clients are saying.
Buy: Ok you saw the detailed reports and our BBB record provides trust and recourse. You have read about our high standards and we have showed you client references. Now we ask you to go ahead and buy our product -- the sooner you buy the sooner the traffic will come.

Read About Our Top Web Directory Submission Standards!

1. Quality Reports -- We document your links and provide you a Word and HTML document of all links the directories give you! On the report we provide a Google cache link of the directory page to show if it is indexed or not.
-- Sample submissions report for EveryCarHire Submission.
2. All-Ready-In-Directory Refunds -- We give refunds (labor & submission fee) if your site is already one of the directories.
-- Sample #1 package report which received a $171 refund.
3. Prices For Every Budget -- We do directory submissions that match your budget from $32 to $6,845.
4. No Duplicate Subs -- We check the directories to make sure you site is not already been submitted and we don't do multi submissions to different categories in one directory.
5. We do quality work -- SEO companies out source their work to us.
6. NO COMPLAINTS -- We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and our BBB report states that "The Bureau processed a total of 0 complaints about this company in the last 36 months".

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Further Directory Submissions Information

These submissions are hand submitted by qualified directory link builders (we have staff that are editors at,,, and

We open accounts with each directory on your behalf, request new categories if required, and provide you with a HTML status sheet (see sample directory submissions status sheet) that lists the pages that have links to your Web site. We don't just tell you have links -- we show you where they are.

If any of your directory submissions are not accepted or if your Web site is in one of the directories already we will refund the amount of the retail submission cost and a portion of the labor cost.

We ask you to try our services by filling out the form above. Bob Mutch, the owner of this site personally recommends the #1 package. The directory packages are listed with the best packages at the top. When you make your purchase remember we are an online Better Business Bureau (BBB) member in good standing with a clean record and we plan on keeping it that way.

These links will work to get your site crawled and added to the search engines, will give you some click thought traffic, and will help you get better rankings in the search engine results.

For further information on Web directories please read our Directories Submissions Services FAQ.

The SEO Company Web Site is owned by Solutions with Service (SWS). SWS is a member of Southern Ontario BBB and a member of BBB online. We have a perfect record with NO complains and we plan on keeping it that way. You can purchase with peace of mind knowing your have recourse if you are not happy with the products or services. -- View BBB Reliability Report

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What SEO Company Clients Are Saying

Matthew Earle - Business Analyst of Kanetix Ltd. - Bob Mutch is the most proactive, straightforward and knowledgeable SEO professional I have ever had the pleasure of hiring.
Rather than putting the onus on the customer to come up with ideas for promoting their website, Bob makes it easy by independently researching and customizing solutions to help the customer's website achieve the traffic it deserves.
What really makes Bob stand out is the effort he makes to get to know his customers, understand their individual needs and then help them reach their goals. In particular I would recommend his SEO consulting packages, directory submission services and hourly consulting packages. I highly recommend Bob Mutch for all of your SEO needs.
Contact - for Auto Insurance

Calum Edmond - Director of - Bob Mutch is hands down the most reliable guy in the business!
After paid advertising (Google PPC) started to become less effective, we began to look for better rankings via natural (organic) methods. Initially we were targeting very competitive keywords, which were impossible to rank and get sufficient traffic for.
Through Bob's understanding, guidance and vast experience, we have now begun to target less competitive keywords. This strategy has seen our web traffic and rankings increase dramatically. We now have total confidence in Bob's expertise and look forward to reaping the benefits. Thanks a million Bob, we don't ever want to lose your highly valued services!
Contact - for Car Rental Worldwide

Mike Catlett - IT Director of KD Kanopy. - Dealing with Bob Mutch for our link strategies has been both rewarding and easy.
We saw an 8% increase in referral traffic within 1 week of our directory listings going live.
Bob's service is a MUST for anyone wanting to rank well on the Internet. Bob is a true expert in link strategies and directory submissions.
Contact - for Outdoor Canopies

Yoav Ezer - VP of eMarketing at Cogniview Systems. - After working with another (very famous) SEO consultant and failing miserably, Bob has been a breath of fresh air.
Bob openly shares his very effective SEO strategies and has saved us a lot of time and money.
If you are serious about SEO and need a consultant that knows what works and what doesn't and willingly shares that with you, I would hire Bob in a heart beat. If you want to waste time and money, you can either do it yourself or hire someone else.
Contact - for PDF to Excel

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