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SEO Forums Map This Reciprocal Web Directories list contains some of the top Reciprocal Web Directories in the Directory industry. If you are looking for top Reciprocal Web Directories check out the Reciprocal web directories below.

Web Directory Resources

Over 350 Blog Directories
Over 40 ILQ Directories rated by inbound link quality
Over 330 Pay Directories
Over 260 Free Directories
Over 500 Free & Paid Directories
Over 50 Deep Link Directories
Over 35 Reciprocal Web Directories
Over 3 Niche Directories
Over 90 Web Directory Lists

Information On The Below List

The below list has the following columns; number (No), Domain (font in red if there are other directories on the same Class C IP as it is on), the number of other domains that are on the same Class C (CC), book icon (tooltip the book to show info ---> Google IBL: 1,340; Yahoo IBL: 6,395; MSN IBL: 3,721; This tooltip box provides Google/Yahoo/MSN inbound links and information on the distinguishing features of each web directory entry.) that shows Google/Yahoo/MSN inbound links, directory info & comments, Price, Pagerank (PR), Movement of PR on last update (±PR) number of Google, Yahoo & MSN documents, and Alexa Ranking.

Each column is can be sorted so you can see which directories have the highest toolbar PR, the lowest Alexa ranking, or you can sort them by domain name so you can find a directory easier.

If the directory URL has a red font there are other directories on the same Class-C address.

NoDomainCCInfoPricePR(±PR)GoogleYahooMSNAlexa IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 1,365; Yahoo IBL: 130,000
Standard submission is one time fee of ?25 with reviews within 4 days. Site allows deep links and keyword rich titles.
freePR014,6000505124,751 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 360; Yahoo IBL: 127,000
Comments will be forthcoming
3www.adirect2z.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 750; Yahoo IBL: 135
Reciprocated and Paid submissions. Paid submission is ?5.00 and is non-refundable and completed with in 2 business days.
freePR6 (+6)1,3400453136,304 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 139; Yahoo IBL: 7,640
Comments will be forthcoming
5www.bestbusinessdirectory.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 1,138; Yahoo IBL: 789
Commercial sites must reciprocate the link, to a third party website.
freePR31331,050563202,358 IBL: 121; MSN IBL: 748; Yahoo IBL: 2,350
Reciprocal. Bathrooms niche, only one category suitable for other websites - misc.resources.
7www.businesspowerusa.com0Google IBL: 19; MSN IBL: 669; Yahoo IBL: 123
SEO friendly general Web directory accepts free submissions. Reciprocol link is required except for informtional and non-profit site submissions.
freePR17267309257,584 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 22; Yahoo IBL: 3,690
Permanent Links for just $2
9www.canadawebdirectory.com0Google IBL: 1,010; MSN IBL: 191; Yahoo IBL: 977
Offers Free Links $0
10www.cluboo.com0Google IBL: 666; MSN IBL: 292; Yahoo IBL: 10,300
Free listing requires a reciprocal link, Standard listing is $15 per year with review 2 business days, Category listing $25 per year gets your link into 2 different categories. Premimum listing is $30 per year review with in 24 hours.
11www.clubspage.net0Google IBL: 162; MSN IBL: 382; Yahoo IBL: 4,400
Submissions added within 2-3 weeks. Free reciprocal only.
freePR3 (+1)8421,460510610,319 IBL: 190; MSN IBL: 336; Yahoo IBL: 22,700
Submissions added within one week.
freePR4 (+3)1,700479294306,410 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 336; Yahoo IBL: 1,020
Free directory that requires a reciprocal link.
freePR32603,64039167,906 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 1,864; Yahoo IBL: 17,700
free submission require link back Premium submission is 24-48 hour guaranteed review. Your link is "one way" and does not require a link to us. You can receive a full refund if your website is rejected for any reason
freePR338465583429,854 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 78; Yahoo IBL: 17,700
Link back or one time payment of $19.99, or recip link.
freePR33841,48034829,854 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 20; Yahoo IBL: 50,900
Reciprocal. Directory Categories: Sports, Entertainment, Media, Shopping, Travel, Miscellaneous
17www.goongee.com4Google IBL: 1,050; MSN IBL: 6,656; Yahoo IBL: 11,700
Basic submission requires a reciprocal link. Premium submission is $19.95 and is completed with in 24 to 48 hours.
18www.indexunlimited.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 898; Yahoo IBL: 6,120
Your web site will be reviewed and included within two (2) business days. Site is under Google penalty. Home page dropped from PR5 to PR3 and there is no site or link info. Accepts reciprocal links.
freePR07,130282,0001,108254,910 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 344; Yahoo IBL: 419
A link to required, MUST be on a page with MINIMUM of PR3. - Express Submission - 10 one-off payment for a permanent link, no annual recurring fee.
freePR413,70013,100535343,189 IBL: 6; MSN IBL: 2,106; Yahoo IBL: 456
A General search engine friendly Web directory. Featured links $6 Regular links $2 Regular links with reciprocal free
21www.l10s.com0Google IBL: 639; MSN IBL: 17,387; Yahoo IBL: 24,500
Free review within 4 to 8 plus weeks with reciprocal link. $39 for 5 day review. English only with no adult, gambing or pills.
22www.mkdir.anchorbase.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 176; Yahoo IBL: 142
Reciprocal directory for quality, content oriented sites.
23www.mostpopularsites.net1Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 3,358; Yahoo IBL: 20,500
General purpose web directory. Requests reciprocal link or payment
24www.onebigindex.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 919; Yahoo IBL: 1,460
Reciprocal link required.
25www.ontoplist.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 0; Yahoo IBL: 0
Free with reciprocal - 2 links. Featured in Category - $10/month. Featured in Directory - $30/month. Featured on Main - $40/month.
26www.rlrouse.com0Google IBL: 681; MSN IBL: 5,645; Yahoo IBL: 50,900
Offers Submissions $49.95
free/yr.PR33,51013,22759,329 IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 41; Yahoo IBL: 222
Paid submissions. Reciprocal links also available. Featured links $50 - Year (express submit)
freePR4 (+1)13,600655462152,552
28www.seolinking.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 52; Yahoo IBL: 124
Reciprocal directory
29www.thelanka.com0Google IBL: 764; MSN IBL: 19; Yahoo IBL: 3,500
Free submission requires a reciprocal link and "can take some time for approval." Paid permanent listing is $10 and will be reviewed within 1 to 2 working days.
freePR4 (+1)260227408168,825
30www.uranus-directory.info0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 2; Yahoo IBL: 27
Submissions added with 2-3 weeks. Paid/reciprocal.
freePR4 (+3)3,320465317327,487
31www.urlcan.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 990; Yahoo IBL: 84
Requires reciprocal link. Submissions take 1 to 2 days to be reviewed.
32www.verticaldirectories.com1Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 4; Yahoo IBL: 517
The priorty $20 submission gives you 4 links that are title keywork rich. There appears to be a problem with the number of documents in the index. Less than 10 in any of the top 3 search engines. Non-paid submission is reciprocal only.
33www.webs-best-directory.com4Google IBL: 1,110; MSN IBL: 3,177; Yahoo IBL: 11,600
free submission require link back Premium submission is 24-48 hour guaranteed review. Your link is "one way" and does not require a link to us. You can receive a full refund if your website is rejected for any reason.
34www.worlddirectory.in0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 870; Yahoo IBL: 270
Sites added infrequently, wait times can be well over one month. RECIPROCAL only
35www.z5-directory.com0Google IBL: 0; MSN IBL: 45; Yahoo IBL: 5
A general Web directory accepting paid and reciprocal submissions.
freePR346422149527,844 IBL: 220; MSN IBL: 403; Yahoo IBL: 443
Site reviewed within one day. Also provides a featured submission for $9.99 which places your link in a more visible location.

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