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Over 350 Blog Directories
Over 40 ILQ Directories rated by inbound link quality
Over 330 Pay Directories
Over 260 Free Directories
Over 500 Free & Paid Directories
Over 50 Deep Link Directories
Over 35 Reciprocal Web Directories
Over 3 Niche Directories
Over 90 Web Directory Lists

Web Directory Lists

  1. www.123promotion.co.uk/directorymanager/ Directory Submission Manager.
  2. www.5thage.com/List-of-Directories.html 5th Age Designs Long list.
  3. www.707directory.com/General/ Over 150 General Directories.
  4. www.absolutewebaholic.com/usdir.htm US Directorys A - Z.
  5. www.addurl.nu/ List of over 300 SEO friendly free directories.
  6. www.allwebdirectory.com/dir/752/1.php AllWebDirectory's Directories Category.
  7. www.andilinks.com/sea4.htm Andlinks 900+ web directory list.
  8. www.abilogic.com/dir/Internet/Directories Abilogic's Directories Category.
  9. www.best-web-directories.com/directory-list.htm Best-Web-Directories.com's 500 Directories.
  10. www.best-web-directories.com/free-directories.htm Best-Web-Directories.com's Free Directories.
  11. www.best-web-directories.com/paid-directories.htm Best-Web-Directories.com's Paid Directories.
  12. www.best-web-directories.com/webmaster-directories.htm Best-Web-Directories's Webmaster Directories.
  13. www.bloglines.com/blog/internetmarketer?id=2 Comprehensive list of directories.
  14. www.busybits.com/files/directories.php Free WEb Directories List.
  15. www.buydominica.com/caribbeanindex/directories.htm Buydominica's Directories and Free links.
  16. www.capehostpro.com/webdirectories.html General Web Directories.
  17. www.definiteweb.com/list-of-directories2.htm Complete List of Directories.
  18. www.dir-search.com/ Directory Search.
  19. www.directory-pages.com/ Directory Pages.
  20. www.directory-submission.net/directory-list.htm Directory Submission List.
  21. www.directory-z.com/ Directory-Z Directories Categories.
  22. www.directoryarchives.com/ is Aaron Wall's directory of directories.
  23. www.directorygold.com/more/directories.php DirectoryGold's Web Directory List.
  24. www.directorylist.org/ Anthony Pazrsons directory list.
  25. www.directorysource.info/ List of mostly for pay directories.
  26. www.directoriezsubmission.com/free-web-directories.htm List of Free Web Directories.
  27. www.dmole.org/ internet directory list.
  28. www.dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Searching/Directories/ DMOZ Directories.
  29. www.energyray.com/SortedPages/Marketing/Directories.Submission.URLs.htm Energyray Directories.
  30. www.freewebsubmission.com/ 50 Directories listed by Alexa Rank.
  31. www.helpwebmaster.net/submit/ Directory & Search Engines List.
  32. www.geocities.com/site_vortex/Directories_Indexes_Portals.html Directories - Indexes - Portals
  33. gnecomputing.com/directory/searchengines.html Looks like the longest list I have seen yet.
  34. www.grackelfish.com/ is a directory of topical and general directories.
  35. dir.google.com/Top/Computers/Internet/Searching/Directories/ Google Directories.
  36. www.hedir.com/groupthink/viewtopic.html?t=15 Directory list from HEDIR's forum.
  37. www.helpwebmaster.net/submit/ Help Webmaster Directory & Search Engines List.
  38. www.incominglinks.com/ list of over 600 Niche directories.
  39. www.indn.org/ Network of Independent Niche Directories.
  40. www.info-sales.co.uk/index.php?page=paid Paid Directory List.
  41. www.info-sales.co.uk/index.php?page=dirs 200 + Free Non-Reciprocal Directory List.
  42. www.internetsubmissions.com/Directory/ internet directory list.
  43. www.internet-search-engines-faq.com/submit-url-free-directory.shtml is a very very long URL, er list.
  44. www.isedb.com/html/Web_Directories/ is a good list of over 1000 web directories.
  45. www.katakombe.com/thebestwebdirectories/ links to free/fee web directories on the Internet.
  46. lifeofawebsite.com/pr/directories/ Lifeofawebsite Directories.
  47. www.massivelinks.com/html/Business/Business_Directories/ massive links Business Directories category.
  48. www.massivelinks.com/html/Internet/Directories/ massive links Directories category.
  49. www.masternewmedia.org/rss/top55/ 139 Blog Directory/RSS Submission Sites.
  50. www.overthemark.com/seoblog/item/11/ Tayan's bloged free web directories.
  51. http://www.paiddirectories.info/ Top 10 Paid Directories.
  52. http://www.paiddirectories.info/best25directories.htm Best 25 Paid Directories.
  53. http://www.paiddirectories.info/popular.htm Popular Paid Directories.
  54. http://www.paiddirectories.info/lowcost.htm Cheap & Best Paid Directories.
  55. http://www.paiddirectories.info/freesubmissions.htm Paid Directories with FREE Submissions.
  56. http://www.paiddirectories.info/highpagerank.htm PageRank Paid Directories.
  57. http://www.paiddirectories.info/deeplinking.htm Paid Directories with Deep Linking.
  58. http://www.paiddirectories.info/strongbacklinks.htm Directories with Strong Backlinks.
  59. http://www.paiddirectories.info/directorylist.htm Directory List and Archives.
  60. www.pheedster.com/directories.php PHEEDSTER's Long Directory List
  61. www.pinoysites.org/web/index.php?cat=1 PinoySites.org Directories and Search Engines.
  62. www.platinax.co.uk/webmasters/articles/6/ Brain Turner's Best Directories.
  63. www.quantawebdesign.com/searchengines.html Quanta Webdesign Search Engines & Directories.
  64. www.rankingdirectories.com/ directory of directories.
  65. www.referencement2004.com/anglophone.htm Annuaires et moteurs Anglophones.
  66. www.search-engines-2.com/search-engines.html search engines & directories.
  67. www.searchenginedev.com/ Directory for developers.
  68. http://www.sirlook.com/blog/ Free to Submit Directores.
  69. www.skaffe.com/viewCat/8241 Skaffe's Web Directory Category.
  70. www.socengine.com/c/cl/internet-www/directories/ SOCEngines Directories category.
  71. www.socengine.com/seo/guide/seo-list-of-directories.php SOCEngines List of Directoreis for SEO's.
  72. www.seo-help.org/directories/ Over 200 SEO Friendly Directories.
  73. www.seo-kit.com/directories.php Powerful Web Directories (now sortable).
  74. www.seopros.org/search/dirlist.asp Directory of Directories.
  75. www.sevenseek.com/dir/7964.php Sevenseek's Web Directories Category.
  76. www.seroundtable.com/archives/001402.html SE Roundtable's List of Free Directories.
  77. www.spheri.ca/directories.html Spheri.ca Directories.
  78. www.strongestlinks.com/directories.php list of directories with PR, Alexa ranking & info.
  79. www.strongestlinks.com/specific_directories.php Regional or Subject Specific Directories
  80. www.tipsntutorials.com/Top-Directories/ Tips N TuTorials Top direcTories.
  81. turnkeywebpros.com/directories-list.html FREE DIRECTORY LIST.
  82. www.uncoverthenet.com/dir/119/1.php Uncover the Net's Web Directoies Categories.
  83. www.uulist.com/ UU List's friendly directory list.
  84. info.vilesilencer.com/main.php?rock=seo-friendly.php SEO friendly list of over 165 free web directories.
  85. www.virtualwebdata.com/lots_links.html download free list of 1409!.
  86. www.webworldindex.com/members.html Search Engines and web directories.
  87. www.wowdirectory.com/dir/817/1.php Wow Directories Directories Category.
  88. www.wowdirectory.com/resources/ List of Directories.
  89. www.websquash.com/freesubmission/ Manual Search Engine Submission (lots of directories).
  90. http://in.dir.yahoo.com/computers_and_internet/internet/world_wide_web/searching_the_web/ Yahoo Directory India.
  91. www.yeandi.com/sub.asp?c=148 Directory List at WoW Directory.

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