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No Spam In Aylmer Ontario!

This is the Project No Spam page. SEO Company owner and operator Bob Mutch is taking back the Aylmer Ontario and Aylmer search engine results space that spam sites have filled!

In short what this means is when you search in Google, Yahoo or MSN for the terms Aylmer Ontario or Aylmer the results currently gives just a few local Aylmer Websites and a large number of sites that have a page for every town in Ontario. What this project will do is change that completely!

How Will SEO Company Get Higher Ranking For Local Websites?

SEO Company will use optimization techniques that will cause the search engines to give the local Aylmer Website a higher position. With these techniques all the local Aylmer Websites can be moved to the very top of the results. That means when you do a search on Aylmer Ontario or Aylmer the search results will all be local Aylmer sites.

What Are Spam Sites?

Say no to spam!A spam site is a website that offers little or no original information but is created as a vehicle for advertising (banners or texts link ads) or listing other websites that provide them with payment for traffic. The spam sites target every town in a province or even in Canada and combine it with a keywords like "flowers", "hotels", "Webhosting", or "jobs".

These spammers are able to clutter up the search engine results because they know how to optimize their sites for a higher position in the search engine results than most local website owners do.

While it is not possible to rank local sites at the top for every search term it is possible and even feasible to get all local websites ranking higher than all the spam sites for the keywords Aylmer and Aylmer Ontario.

Taking back the search engine results for the key phrase Aylmer and Aylmer Ontario will be no easy task but it can be done!"

An Example of Spam

Spam spam spam!Here is a very good example of what is happening. Click this search for Aylmer Ontario On Yahoo and you will see how bad it is. The first four results contain three local Aylmer sites and a Wikipedia Encyclopedia entry for Aylmer. The next 50 entries are mostly multiple spam site entries from YourCitySites.com, ProsByCity.com, and CityHq.info. While we can't removed these we can push all the local Aylmer sites to the top and displace these kinds of spam sites so that when you search for Aylmer Ontario you will get local Aylmer sites not these spam sites.

Why Is SEO Company Doing This?

Now you might be wondering why SEO Company would want to do this. It's simple! I am getting a lot out of this lovely community that I now call my home and I want to put some thing back into it. Making it easier for the community to find local businesses helps promote local shopping. When local businesses can be found easier on the Internet it will bring more business to them which brings more business to our community.

Also it will be a good vehicle for SEO Company to display their services to companies that want to increase their visibility on the Internet.

What Techniques Will Be Uses To Drive Out The Spam?

You may ask, "how are you going to do this?" That is a good question and one that I am more than happy to answer. There are two ways to move sites up higher in the search engine results. One is to optimize the pages of the website for the key phrase you want to rank high for in the search engines. You do this by putting the key phrase in the URL, title tab, Meta description, h1 tag and in the first paragraph in bold. This is called on-page optimization.

The other why is to put the key phrase in the anchor text of links that are pointed to the Website. That is called off-page optimization. As it would be a big job to get all the website owners to change their page content the easiest way will be to get links pointed at the Websites with the words Aylmer and Aylmer Ontario in the anchor text. I started the ball rolling by giving the list of Aylmer sites below a link from the SEO Company site.

Are You Sure This Is As Easy As You Are Saying?

I will demonstrate to you how this can be done by moving this new No Spam In Aylmer Ontario page that I have built on October 29th, to rank first page in Google, Yahoo and MSN with in 30 day for the keyword Aylmer Ontario. The keyword Aylmer is bit more difficult and will take me 60 to 90 days to rank first page.

As soon as I get this page ranking on the first page for the phrase Aylmer Ontario on Google, Yahoo, and MSN, I will work on getting this page to ranking on the first page for keyword Aylmer.

This will give me a better idea what kind of links I will need to point at the local Websites to push thim to the top of the rankings.

No Spam In Aylmer Ontario Page Rankings

GOOGLE - IN THE INDEX - RANKING #19 - Ths page is ranking 19th in the Google Index.
YAHOO - IN THE INDEX - RANKING #19 - This page ranking 19th in the Yahoo Index.
BING - IN THE INDEX - RANKING #39 - Ths page is ranking 39th in the Bing Index.

Why Are You Showing Your Page Rankings - What About The Other Sites?

Well this is all going to take time and I want to test the waters. After I see how the "No Spam In Aylmer Ontario" page does for the key phrase "Aylmer Ontario" I will be able to guage what kind of optimization I need to do on the list of the 50 sites below. Currently the "No Spam In Aylmer Ontario" page has not had any off-site optimization to rank for the keyword "Aylmer". Ranking for "Aylmer" is going to be more difficult that ranking for "Aylmer Ontario".

Status On The Keywords Aylmer Ontario and Aylmer

Google shows 30,200 documents for the keyword Aylmer Ontario when it is in quotes and 425,000 documents when searched with no quotes. The keyword Aylmer shows 1,610,000 documents so it will be a bit more difficult to rank first place for that keyword. The Overture Keyword Selector Tool (<---- this link is slow give it some time) shows that in Yahoo alone Aylmer is being searched 614 a month and Aylmer Ontario 424 times a month.

I Am Not From Aylmer - How Do We Do This In Our Community?

Other communities may want to start the same kind of a project. I will be documenting the progress of this project and sharing the techniques are being employed to push all the Aylmer sites to the top of the search engine results.

The following list is Websites of companies, groups or people that are in the Aylmer, Ontario area. Soon you wouldn't have to wade through all the spam sites that are targeting every town in Canada or Ontario and have no meaningful content when you are looking for local sites.

List of Aylmer Ontario Sites

There is 152 sites listed below.


  1. Blues Hockey Club, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Senior Hockey Team. Offers team roster, news, and reviews.
  2. Bold 4 Him Aylmer Ontario - Christian tshirt company.
  3. Catfish Creek Conservation Authority (CCCA) Aylmer Ontario - Conservation authority for the Catfish Creek watershed jurisdiction.
  4. Chateau Gardens Aylmer Ontario - 60 suit long term and assisted living centre. Provides picture tour, care center details and contact information.
  5. Community Complex, East Elgin (EECC) Aylmer Ontario - Community complex with multi-purpose halls and two NHL arenas.
  6. Community Foundation, Aylmer Area Aylmer Ontario - Registered charity that preserves donor gifts through an investment capital fund.
  7. Community Theatre, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Provide a outlet and venue for theatre entertainment for the community.
  8. Grassroots Effect Aylmer Ontario - Grassroots awareness group dedicated to empower Aylmer residents to make environmentally responsible choices.
  9. Immanuel Christian School (ICS) Aylmer Ontario - Kindergarten to twelve school following the reformed tradition.
  10. Medical Facility, East Elgin Aylmer Ontario - A family health facility sponcered by the Town of Aylmer, Malahide Township, Central Elgin Municipality.
  11. Minor Hockey Association, Aylmer (AMHA) Aylmer Ontario - Provides team pictures, tournament information, and various registration forms.
  12. Museum Assocation, Aylmer & District Aylmer Ontario - Museum that promotes the local heritage of Aylmer.
  13. Old Town Hall Library, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Provides online newsletter, computer use information, hours of operation, and contact information.
  14. Performing Arts Council (APAC) Aylmer Ontario - Includes a list of plays, ticket information, and drawings of the performance space.
  15. Police, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Offical site of the Aylmer Police.
  16. Police College, Ontario (OPC) Aylmer Ontario - Post-hire police college run by the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.
  17. Secondary School, East Elgin (EESS) Aylmer Ontario - A public school for grades 9 to OAC.
  18. Shrine Club, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Provides meeting dates, Shriner events, picture gallary, and contact information.
  19. Spitfires, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Junior C hockey team. Provides player profiles, schedules and results, and upcoming team events.
  20. Sportsmen's Assocation, East Elgin (EESA) - Aylmer Ontario - Sportsmen's club with a firing range.
  21. Summers Corners Public School Aylmer Ontario - Photos and school events are featured on the lively website of the little school just outside of Aylmer.
  22. Terrace Lodge Aylmer Ontario - Long term assisted living that is owned by the Elgin County.
  23. Town of Aylmer Ontario Aylmer Ontario - Offical site for the town of Aylmer. Provides community information, services, and an events calendar.
  24. Wildlife Management Area, The Aylmer (AWMA) Aylmer Ontario - Manages a wetland habitat which attracts migratory birds every year.
Aylmer Banks
  1. Bank of Montreal Aylmer Ontario
  2. CIBC Aylmer Ontario
  3. Desjardins Credit Union Aylmer Ontario
  4. Mennonite Savings and Credit Union Aylmer Ontario
  5. Royal Bank of Canada Aylmer Ontario
  6. Scotiabank Aylmer Ontario
Aylmer Business and Economy
  1. Adelphos Construction Services Aylmer Ontario - Specializing in sunrooms, additions, decks, renovations, and window and doors.
  2. Amtelecom Communications Aylmer Ontario - Provides Internet, telephone and cable TV services.
  3. Andrew HVAC Services Aylmer Ontario - Sales and service of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products with a 24 hour emergency service.
  4. Angela Cole Creative Agency Aylmer Ontario - Specializes in branding, print, packaging, design and photography.
  5. Aylmer and Area Chamber of Commerce Aylmer Ontario - A source of community business information.
  6. Aylmer Expess, The Aylmer Ontario - Offers a community newspaper and design, pre press, press, bindery, fulfillment and mailing capabilities.
  7. Aylmer Glass & Mirror Aylmer Ontario - Installation, repair, and sales of windows and doors.
  8. Aylmer Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic Aylmer Ontario - Acupuncture and Chinese herb clinic.
  9. Aylmer Fair, The Aylmer Ontario - East Elgin Agricultural Society puts on the Aylmer fair once a year.
  10. Aylmer Flooring Aylmer Ontario - Provides carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, ceramics, and area-Rugs and installation of windows and doors.
  11. Aylmer News, The Aylmer Ontario - Kirk Barons works on keeping Aylmer and East Elgin residents up to date on weekly events.
  12. Aylmer Online Aylmer Ontario - List of websites from Aylmer, Ontario.
  13. Aylmer Tire Aylmer Ontario - Supplies tires and related products for cars and lawn equipment.
  14. Aylmer Today Aylmer Ontario - Online information source for products & services available in Aylmer, Ontario.
  15. Berkelmans Welding & Manufacturing Inc Aylmer Ontario - Maker of hoof trimming tables and dump boxes for farm, road, fifth wheel applications.
  16. Berry Hill Fruit Farm Aylmer Ontario - Apples, peaches, plums, pears, strawberries, raspberries, sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans & melons.
  17. Blakley Computes Aylmer Ontario - Home computer repair provides services from cleaning to virus and spyware removal.
  18. Blue Sky IT Aylmer Ontario - MCSE certifed computer consultant.
  19. Bormont Commercial Contacting Aylmer Ontario - Contracting company specializing in commercial, industrial, and multi-story office buildings.
  20. Broer Aylmer Ontario - Design and manufacturing steel frame furniture for university and college libraries.
  21. Canada Trailers Manufacturing Limited Aylmer Ontario - Manufactures single and tandem axle trailers.
  22. Canadian Web Directory Aylmer Ontario - One of Canada's first Internet directory established in 1997.
  23. Carrie's Quilting & Knitting Aylmer Ontario - Holds classes on heritage hand quilting and knitting.
  24. Clovermead Apiaries Aylmer Ontario - Bee farm offers self and group tours, pollination services, bee pollen and honey, and gift store with bee products.
  25. Coldwell Banker At Success Realty Aylmer Ontario - Full service real estate brokerage firm with offices in Aylmer and St Thomas.
  26. Debbie Hamilton & Assoc Ltd Aylmer Ontario - Offers insurance and financial services.
  27. Derek Rowley Aylmer Ontario - Licensed mortgage agent with Invis Inc.
  28. Dodignton & Dodington Pipe Organ Services Inc Aylmer Ontario - Offers rebuilding, relocations, conversions, tuning, and general maintenance.
  29. Driver Realty Inc Aylmer Ontario - Real estate firm serving the Aylmer area.
  30. Electric Art Media Design Agency Aylmer Ontario - Provides graphic design, branding, and web design and development.
  31. Elgin County Branch Ontario Genealogical Society Aylmer Ontario - Index to the Aylmer Express newspaper with vitals from 1890 to 1969.
  32. Elgin Feeds & Country Depot Aylmer Ontario - Provides animal health products, work clothes, farm and pet supplies, and full line of Shurgian feed.
  33. ETBO Tool & Die Aylmer Ontario - Provides tool design, manufacturing and assembly, prototyping, and milling services.
  34. Emerald Limousine Sales Ltd Aylmer Ontario - Exclusive distributor of Executive Coach Builder's Limousines.
  35. Fairview Farms Shilohs Aylmer Ontario - Family farm that breeds Shiloh Shepherds for temperament, health, loyalty, and intelligence.
  36. Father & Son Aylmer Ontario - Design and install geothermal energy systems in Southwestern Ontario
  37. Fitness To The Max Aylmer Ontario - Offers cardiovascular, strength, and toning workout equipment with option of a personal trainer.
  38. Futurecrest Holsteins Aylmer Ontario - Walker Farms is owned by Jon Walker Jr. and milks a herd of 1050 cows.
  39. Goodwill's Used Cars Aylmer Ontario - Dealer of a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles, along with maintenance services.
  40. Graham Scott Enns Aylmer Ontario - A firm of Chartered Accountants.
  41. Guenther Homes Aylmer Ontario - Builder of custom homes.
  42. Guns N Gadgets Aylmer Ontario - Sells firearms, bows, ammo, and supplies.
  43. H. Broer Equipment Sales & Service Inc Aylmer Ontario - Provides generators, rail equipment, diesel engines, and industrial parts and service.
  44. Hagginwood Kennels and Pet Supply Aylmer Ontario - English Springer Spaniels kennel and pet supplies.
  45. Heritage Line Herbs Aylmer Ontario - Sells potted herbs to retail and wholesale customers.
  46. Hiemstra's Family Consignments Aylmer Ontario - Consignment shot where you can expand your wardrobe and save money with gently used clothing.
  47. Hills Pharmacy Ltd Aylmer Ontario - Pharmacy specializing in prescriptions and home health aids.
  48. IDW Custom Kitchens Aylmer Ontario - Family owned business specializes in sales and installation of bathroom vanities and custom kitchens.
  49. in the Blink of an Eye photography Aylmer Ontario - Provides portrait and wedding photography packages to Southwestern Ontario.
  50. Intergrated Grain Processors Co-operative Inc Aylmer Ontario - Formed by Southerwestern Ontario corn producers to develope an ethanol plant.
  51. Invitations by Nature Aylmer Ontario - Custom invitation and accessory sales.
  52. John Janzen Realtor Aylmer OntarioSells real estate in the Aylmer, St.Thomas, Tillsonburg, and Malahide and Bayham townships.
  53. Judy Minor Fine Art Aylmer Ontario - Original hand press prints from wood press plates, oil and water color painting, and pencil drawing art.
  54. Just For You Fotos Aylmer Ontario - Cindy and Nikki provide photography services.
  55. Keith Hunt Construction Aylmer Ontario - Provides new home design, renovations and commercial building.
  56. Klassen Photography Aylmer Ontario - Provides photography services for engagements, weddings, fashion, portraits, and sports.
  57. Laurendell Bouviers Aylmer Ontario - A home based breeder of Bouviers.
  58. Law Enforcement Training & Supplies Aylmer Ontario - Provides equipment for Law Enforcement, Security, Fire, and Ambulance Service personnel.
  59. Leisure Fun Pools Aylmer Ontario - Sells and installs inground fiberglass swimming pools.
  60. Little Comptuer Shop Aylmer Ontario - Computer sales and repair.
  61. Living Foods Market Aylmer Ontario Local market with chemical free grown produce located in the Straffordville area.
  62. Margarets Fernlea Flowers & Gifts Aylmer Ontario - Family owned and operated flower shop.
  63. Martin's Lift Truck Aylmer Ontario - Sells, rents and services all makes and models of lift trucks.
  64. McFarlan Rowlands Branch Office Aylmer Ontario - Insurance broker with 14 offices in Southwestern Ontario.
  65. Mark Hulst Realator Aylmer Ontario - Royal LePage realator in the Aylmer, Tillsonburg, St Thomas, Elgin County area.
  66. Meadow Lane Winery Aylmer Ontario - Small winery that provides fruit and grape wines made with a European flair.
  67. Mennonite Furniture Gallery Inc Aylmer Ontario - Family run business that sells local hand made furniture from 30 different family businesses.
  68. Minerva Art & Custom Framing Aylmer Ontario - A fine art gallery. Lists information about prints for sale, and links to artists.
  69. PFI Group Inc Aylmer Ontario - Manufactures metal racks utilized in the automotive industry for part transportation.
  70. Pinecroft Aylmer Ontario - Info on their gift shop, pottery workshops, bed and breakfast, and the Green Frog Tea Room.
  71. Returning Home Aylmer Ontario - Christian book store in Aylmer. Used to be Words of Life Christian Bookstore.
  72. Redding Designs Aylmer Ontario - Specializes website design, website development, flash multimedia, and website hosting.
  73. Rose's Bed and Breakfast Aylmer Ontario - Accommodations with three rooms offering full breakfast service, in a renovated farmhouse.
  74. Roszell's Furnishings Aylmer Ontario - Appliance and furniture store. Sales and repair of home appliances and furniture.
  75. Rotten Choppers Aylmer Ontario - Provides gallery of bikes build by Daves Custom Cycle.
  76. Royal LePage Results Realty Aylmer Ontario - Provides broker profiles, local office listings and mortgage info.
  77. Rush Creek Wines Aylmer Ontario - Flintoft family winery in the eastern region of Elgin County.
  78. Sales Arena, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Farmers market and flea market every Tuesday.
  79. SEO Company Aylmer Ontario - Offers search engine optimization and marketing services and directory submission services.
  80. Shelley McVittie Fine Art Aylmer Ontario - Local artist that hand paints matte extensions and artist remarques.
  81. Shoo Fly Printing Aylmer Ontario - Custom logo design, screen printing, and embroidery for clothing.
  82. Sites n More Aylmer Ontario - Websites design, stationery, banners, decals, business cards, and lots more.
  83. Shades of Green Aylmer Ontario - Provide daylilies, ornamental grasses, a limited variety of select perennials, and hard to find Hostas.
  84. Sheri Andrews Broker Aylmer Ontario - Real estate broker with Showcase East Elgin Realty Inc.
  85. Shore Line Homes Aylmer Ontario - Distributes modular homes from a number of manufactures.
  86. Showcase East Elgin Reality Inc Brokerage Aylmer Ontario - Offers real estate services, property search, and agent profiles.
  87. Steelway Aylmer Ontario - Designs and manufactures steel buildings and overhead crane systems.
  88. Talbot Trail Physiotherapy Aylmer Ontario - Healthcare professionals providing musculoskeletal services in Elgin County.
  89. Tech Shop, The Aylmer Ontario - Offers service, repair, maintenance and consultation to a wide variety of electronic products.
  90. Total Care Aylmer Ontario - Family run business provides a natural herbal enhancer product for lawns, shrubs, and flower gardens.
  91. Tricorp Transportation Inc Aylmer Ontario - Family owned and operated trucking firm.
  92. Tuck Stop, The Aylmer Ontario - Retail store sponsored by the Ontario Police Staff Association.
  93. Vector Electric Company Ltd Aylmer Ontario - Repair and service industrial control equipment, motors, power tools and generators.
  94. Victorian Elegance Aylmer Ontario - Gift shop that sells victorian giftware & collectables, jewellry & accessories, dolls, bears, angels, hats and Webkinz.
  95. Visit Aylmer Aylmer Ontario - Tourism portal for Aylmer, Ontario, Canada.
  96. Wiebe's Wheels Aylmer Ontario - Used cars sales.
  97. Wise Line metal Sales Inc Aylmer Ontario - Sales and service of metal siding, metal roofing, pole barns, and garages.
Not In Aylmer Websites
  1. Dough Tarry Homes Aylmer Ontario
  2. Elgin St Thomas 2010 International Plowing Match Aylmer Ontario
  3. Pleasant Valley Golf Aylmer Ontario
  4. Lockington Homes Inc Aylmer Ontario
  5. Cedar Ridge Construction Aylmer Ontario
  6. Silverthorn Landscape Supplies Aylmer Ontario
Aylmer Christian Congregations
  1. Bethel United Reformed Church Aylmer Ontario
  2. Christian Reformed Church, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario
  3. Church of God, Bradley Street Aylmer Ontario
  4. Church of God Restoration Aylmer Ontario
  5. Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church Aylmer Ontario
  6. Evangelical Missionary Church, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario
  7. Full Gospel Church, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario
  8. Grace Community Church (GCC) Aylmer Ontario
  9. Sommerfeld Mennonite Church, Aylmer Aylmer Ontario
  10. St Pauls United Church Aylmer Ontario
New Aylmer Websites Placemarker Only
  1. Alpha Stucco Aylmer Ontario
  2. Elgin Audiology Consultants Aylmer Ontario
  3. Interglobe Financial Services Corp Aylmer Ontario
  4. Janzen Exteriors Aylmer Ontario
  5. Mazza Heating & Air Conditioning Aylmer Ontario
  6. Mennomex Aylmer Ontario
  7. Peloquin Promtional Printing Aylmer Ontario
  8. Shop Aylmer Aylmer Ontario
  9. Showcase East Elgin Reality Inc - Mary Crozier Aylmer Ontario
  10. Spicer's Bakery Aylmer Ontario
  11. Robert Jans Realator Coldwell Banker Aylmer Ontario

If you want to copy this list and post it on the Internet as is, you are required by copyright to note the source and to give a link back to this page. We require the following.

Ths list is copyrighted by SEO Company 2003-2017 and can be found at Project No Spam.

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Canadian Directories

Canadian Directories

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3) Pagerank Vote -- Google's 0 to 10 Pagerank rating of each pages can been see by adding the Google Toolbar to your browser. When you browse to a page you can view the Pagerank the current page has. Pagerank at one time held high ranking weight but now SEO experts hold that its ranking weight has been devalued quite a bit. Pagerank is calculated mathematical by Google and exported every three months. The Pagerank of a site is still something Google takes into consideration when deciding why pages to display for a search term.
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