The Page Generator System

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SEO Forums Map Page Generator makes adding pages to your web site easy as 1 2 3. The Page Generator content management system will produce pages that are already optimized for the search engines.

No more uploading files! No more cutting and pasting HTML code! Now you can add a page to your web site in less than 30 secs! Thats right - less than half a minute!

And get this... the pages are automatically setup so that they will rank high in the search engines. Your pages will now be automatically optimized for title, meta description, meta keywords, article title in h1 tag and the keywords in the URL! All automatically with no fuss or work!

Check out the simple entry Page Generator Form for adding pages.

Here is a Page Generator Sample page from the above form.

Page Generator is a content management system that utilizes a simple input form to add pages. By a simple form you add your article content, article title, keywords you are targeting and a page is generated automatically that will ranking high with the search engines.

The Page Generator system can be added to any web site within 5 mins! You add 4 lines of code to a template page, create a mySQL database and add a few lines of code to the apache .htaccess file and you are up and running.

Page Generator Features

Page Generator Requirements & Code

The hosting requirments for Page Generator are Apache, PHP and mySQL.

Below are the 4 lines you add to your template page that access your database.

This line is placed where you want your article content to appear:
<?php include 'h1content.php';?>
This line goes where you want the links to each other article to be:
<?php include 'links.php';?>
This line produces the title, meta description and meta keywords:
<?php include 'meta.php';?>
This line is added at the very top of the page and adds varibles to the page.
<?php include 'top.php';?>

Below is the code you add to your Apache .htaccess file.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^your-directory/([0-9]+)\-.+ your-directory/index.php?id=$1

The following is a Demo of the Page Generator


The following is a Administration for Page Generator


Page Generator Support & Purchase Information

Email support is provided free of change by email. Emails will be answered with in 24hours during the work week. Phone support is provided for $19US per issue during the work week and $29 per issue outside normail work week hours. I am in the ET zone (GMT-5).

The Page Generator program is licensed out by the domain. The price is $149US. If you have questions concerning this product you can phone me directly at 519-636-6636. Click the Buy Now button below to pay by PayPal. You will recieve the product via email in a zipped file.

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