Google Directory Page rank Scale - Pagerank Scale

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Google Directory Pagerank Scale This Google Directory Pagerank Scale list contains an example of the differnet units in the Google Directory Pagerank Scale. The values of the Google Directory Pagerank Scale are found in the source code in the Google Directory.

The Google Toolbar Pagerank is a 11 unit scale of 0-10. The Google Directory Pagerank scale is a 8 unit scale of the following. The 8 positions are cleardot.gif, 5/35, 11/29, 16/24, 22/18, 27/13, 32/8, and 38/2 (pos.gif/neg.gif). Below are examples of each of these 8 units. These 8 units can only been see by looking at the code that makes up the Pagerank green bar.

Google Directory Page Rank Scale - Pagerank Scale

View this URL to see the code for the following 3 examples:

pos.gif width=38 neg.gif wideth=2

Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.

pos.gif width=32 neg.gif wideth=8

  Google Catalog Search
Search and browse mail-order catalogs online. Focuses on standard U.S. mail-order product catalogs which have prices printed in them and are designed to help customers make a purchase immediately.

pos.gif width=27 neg.gif wideth=13

  Google Blog
Official blog.

View this URL to see the code for the following 5 example:

pos.gif width=22 neg.gif wideth=18

  Esfahani, Mohammad
Iranian singer. Profile, discography, and pictures.

pos.gif width=16 neg.gif wideth=24

Rock group out of Columbus, Ohio. News, shows, pictures, audio clips, lyrics and biography.

pos.gif width=11 neg.gif wideth=29

Pictures of the rock band from Punjab, India.

pos.gif width=5 neg.gif wideth=35

  Efkes Anders Jasskapel
Jazz streetparade band based in the Netherlands. Description, pictures, past and current shows, and repertoire. [Also in Dutch and German.]

cleardot.gif example

 Elvis Disciples
Los Angeles hard core punk band. Latest music releases, audio samples and links to other bands and recording artists.

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