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Innovative System Rates Websites by Their Quality of Inbound Links

Marketing expert Bob Mutch has developed a new system to rate Websites based on the number of inbound links a site has from Educational and Government Websites and from the Open Project Directory (DMOZ). This new rating system, called ILQ (Inbound Link Quality), is not easily manipulated or artificially inflated through purchased links, and it provides a better matrix to evaluate the ranking weight search engines give inbound links.

Aylmer, ON (PRWEB) April 13, 2006 -- Website marketing expert Bob Mutch of SEO Company has announced the development of a new and innovative Website rating system. This rating system, called ILQ (Inbound Link Quality), is based on the quality of a Website inbound links.

Unlike Google's PageRank rating system, which can be easily manipulated and artificially inflated by purchased links, the ILQ rating system is determined by the a Website's number of inbound DMOZ, EDU, and GOV links a Website has. These types of links are not purchased but are created because of the important and quality of a Website's resources and content.

High ILQ-rated Websites are trusted by search engines. This trust is transferred to other sites that receive inbound links from these high ILQ sites. As a results gaining links from sites that boast high ILQ is going to be very helpful in acquiring higher rankings for targeted keywords.

SEO Company has provided a list of the top 40 Web Directories rated by ILQ. This list will help in your selection of what Directories you should add your Website to.

Because of the huge increase in the buying and selling of text link ads, search engines are giving more ranking weight to trusted sites. This is why it is important for Websites to gain links from high ILQ-rated sites and makes the ILQ rating system an important gauge when considering link placements.

SEO Company is owned by Bob and Susan Mutch and employs 4 full time employees and a number of consultants on contract. SEO Company provides directory submission services, an article submission service, and SEO SEM services.

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