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SE0 Consultant Logo Please feel free to contact a SEO Consultant using the following form. Requests are returned with in 24 hours when made during the normal work week. Bob Mutch can be contacted on a consultant basis by phone at 519-666-6666.

This site does not solicite any submissions or emails that are selling products or services of any sort, or any submissions or emails that are sending any information that are not directly related to search engine optimization, Website design or Website programing. This site does not do reciprocal links and will consider all such requests as spam.

All such submissions and email will be considered unsolicited, will not receive a responce, and will be reported as spam by my gold star Cloudmark Desktop Anti-Spam account and blocked by over 100 million email users (The Cloudmark Global Thread Network is a community of 100 million email uses in 163 countries).

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