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mcdar.net McDar Keyword Analysis Tool Tool Of The Year
Web Design, SEO & Tools

123promotion.co.uk Keyword Popularity Tool Most Improved Tool
SE Promotion & SEO Tools

webconfs.com Domain Age Tool Best January Tool
SEO Tools

elixirsystems.com Link Quality Assessment Best February Tool
SEO Services

seobench.com Multi DC PageRank Checker Best March Tool
SEO Tools

top25web.com Search Engine Ranking Report Best April Tool
SEO Forum, Blog & Tools

marketleap.com Link Popularity Checker Best June Tool
SEM, SEO Tools & Monthly Report

dogpile.com Dogpile Search Comparison Best August Tool
Web Search

xml-sitemaps.com Online XML Sitemaps Generator Best September Tool
XML Sitemaps

webuildpages.com Backlink Check Tool Best October Tool
Internet Marketing Services

checkrankings.com Check Rankings Best November Tool
Online Keyword Ranking

webconfs.com Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer Best December Tool
Search Engine Optimization Tools

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Watchfire WebXACT

Watchfire WebXACT by Watch
analyses your web page for w3c validation, alt tags, all your meta tags, and much much more. How 4 pages of things it checks.

Checks over your web page for things to numerous to note.

Poodle Predictor

Poodle Predictor by GRI Technologies
shows you a spiders view of the text on your webpage. Ignore where it shows what your page will be displayed like on a Search Engine. Go into the Diagnostics View and there you will see your page in text only with all your alt, title, menu and copy displayed in the order the spider will see it. This is helpful to show you what order you columns are in.

Use in Diagnostics View to see order of spidered text.

Web Page Analyzer

Web Page Analyzer by Webmaster Toolkit
checks your webpage to make sure to see if you have you keyword in bold text, in link text, in header text, in document title, in meta description and in meta keywords. It's a simple tool but using for entry level checking.

Enter URL/Keyword - Checks copy for optimization.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator by 123 Promotion
lets you fill in your webpage title, description, and keywords and then creates your tags for you.

Enter meta info - Creates meta tag code.

Similar Page Checker

Similar Page Checker by webconfs.com
helps you determine if the content of your webpage's to similar as you can be penalizes for having similar webpage's on the same website.

Enter URLs - Compares pages for similar content.

Code to Text Calculator

Code to Text Calculator by Stargeek
helps you avoid diluting your keyword relevancy by letting you know the ratio of your text to code. The higher the ratio of text to code in your webpage's the better.

Enter URLs - Calculates Code to Text Ratio.

Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator by webconfs.com
shows you the content order of your webpage as the search engine bot sees it. This will help you to verify that your keywords are at the top of your page where they will be more relevant. Some times, like in the case of a float:right, your right column could be read by the search engine bot before your main body of text.

Enter URL - Displays page content minus code.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta Tag Generator by SearchBliss
creates meta tags with title, description, abstract, keywords, robots revisit, robots index, rating, distribution, and Language.

Creates meta tags for 9 tags.

Google Banned Tool

Google Banned Tool by 123 Promotion
This tool uses two methods to check to see if a URL you enter is in the Google database. Its a great way to check to see if you have been banned by Google for various reasons. If your site is quite new, you may also not show in the Google database. This tool is aimed towards people who think that they have been punished.

Shows if you are in the Google index.

Search Engine Spiders

Search Engine Spiders by Searchwho.com
Shows title, meta description, meta keywords, page size, content text, word count, distinct words, keyword density, links, and page in HTML.

Spiders your page and shows what the spider sees.

Advanced Meta Tag Generator

Advanced Meta Tag Generator by optimization-services.com
Advanced meta tag generator that give you fields for 19 different mata tags and generates the meta code for you.

Sophisticated meta tag generator.


Copyscape by copyscape.com
Copyscape is dedicated to defending your rights online, helping you fight against online plagiarism and content theft. Copyscape finds sites that have copied your content without permission, as well as those that have quoted you.

Searches for copies of your page on the Web.


Cache.it by cached.it
Shows PR, ping time, IP addy, what country the site is hosted in, thumbnail, meta tag text, cache status, Alexa ranking, and docs in different datacenters.

Shows information lots of information for your site.

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