Crafting a memorable, unified brand for your company or personal business is more essential today than ever before. A recent study showed that children as young as three years of age can readily identify well-known brands such as McDonald’s, Disney and Chevrolet. Corporate branding is a kind of visual and social shorthand that allows people to choose between fast food chains or what kind of car they want to drive. Having a cohesive brand for your business doesn’t happen overnight. It is a conglomeration of disparate impressions all working together to funnel possible clientele to your products and services.

Most people can puzzle out the underlying psychology behind branding, but that’s not the same thing as actually being able to put those concepts and ideas into practice. Think of branding like building a Lamborghini. Simply understanding the basic principles that make a car work is no assurance that you’ll be able to take those principles and turn them into a sports car. That’s the entire purpose for Brand Labs NY’s existence. We’re here to help you transform your public image, your brand, into an instantly recognizable impression that will draw more attention and help take your business to new heights using the following tools.

Visual Branding

If a three-year-old recognizes the Toyota symbol or the Golden Arches of McDonald’s, this only underscores the importance of having a visual brand. Visual branding is essential to building a unifying corporate theme, because the textures, color palette, typeface and ways in which these elements are put together all influence a viewer’s opinions about the company’s values and ability to provide a service. Poor visual branding can kill a viewer’s impression of a company before they ever get past the header on your website. Brand Labs NY specializes in creating bold visual branding that projects the kind of impression you want potential clients to have about you and your business.

Internal Branding and Packaging Design

The smiley face is one of the most recognized logos among American adults. Seeing a box with this logo immediately suggests a number of things about both the company and the person receiving it. We can deduce that people are happy when they get things from Amazon, that the box probably contains at least one book and from this can extrapolate that Amazon likes to make people happy. Your packaging design and internal branding should send a message to both customers and employees that is just as clear and straightforward. Using the visual branding for your business, Brand Labs NY can transform bland, boring packaging into another avenue of advertising for your business that will stick in people’s minds long after whatever was in the box has long since been used or put into service.


Of course, the best, most slickly-designed packaging and corporate logo are meaningless if no one sees them. For this reason, Brand Labs NY can take your visual branding and translate it into broad-spectrum advertising media like POS materials such as posters and flyers, transit media like you see on the side of a bus, social media advertising and user engagement, and even street teams to promote your brand. This level of brand promotion is the next step in making your corporate identity stand out from the crowd and draw more attention from the people you’d most want to see it.

Multimedia Marketing

Almost everyone’s visited at least one website and seen a cartoon or video describing what the company does or demonstrating the benefits of using this product or service versus that. It’s easy to spot an amateur effort that was created using free software or hacked together in someone’s garage using a cheap digital video camera. Brand Labs NY can design, script and produce a video or cartoon that helps convey the important aspects of your brand in a concise, professional manner. While applications like this may seem to be just another aspect of visual marketing, they are actually a tangential usage that creates another channel for communication between you and your target clientele. They incorporate the same basic branding concepts, but the end result is the difference between riding a bicycle and managing a unicycle. The same principles are in play, but the skills required to achieve the same outcome are vastly different.

Brand Labs NY can also design 3D animations that allow you to demonstrate what’s different about your product or service in a simple, clear animation. For example, you’ve designed and patented a specific part or process that will revolutionize the ice cream scoop and allow it to cut through ice cream that’s been frozen using dry ice. Ordinary ice cream scoops aren’t up to the challenge, but yours is! Using 3D animation, Brand Labs NY can help you show potential consumers why your ice cream scoop really is the last ice cream scoop they’ll ever buy. However, 3D animation isn’t just for demonstration purposes. We can translate your corporate logo and tagline into a sharp, smooth 3D rendering that draws attention and proclaims your company is on the cutting edge of visual technology.

Online Marketing

Social media engagement and interaction, building and maintaining a website all take time, but today they are essential tasks for any company that wants to get off the ground. Using the same design principles for visual marketing, Brand Labs NY can create a visually appealing website that encourages visitors to browse and learn more about what your company can do for them. Your new website will be optimized to not only get attention from the major search engines and draw users in, but give a seamless, smooth-running end user experience while they’re there. In addition, we can craft and implement a unique social media marketing program for your company that will increase first-interaction impressions and attract more attention and traffic to your website.

Mobile Solutions

Today, seamless transition from the PC version of a site to mobile versions is imperative for success. Over half of all American adults use a smart phone or mobile device to access the Internet on the go, including their email, social media, favorite websites or on-the-fly searches for everything from fast food to funeral homes. Many people find integrating mobile capability into their online marketing is a daunting task or wonder whether it really matters if customers can reach them from their cell phones. While the task may be daunting, Brand Labs NY has the expertise and know-how to produce an integrated cross-platform access experience that blends form and function into a website your potential clients will remember.

Putting It All Together

The endgame of all this is to create a memorable experience for the potential client. By creating a visual corporate impression that sticks and applying that concept to every facet of your public corporate identity, Brand Labs NY can help you send the message you want to convey to the people who need it most, your potential customers. One of the key points to remember is that great design can only take your company so far. There also has to be real substance behind that design in terms of website content, social media interaction and realistic promises.

If all this makes you want to throw your hands up and scrap the whole idea, relax! That’s why Brand Labs NY is here, to help you do all the things you don’t have the time, training, patience or inclination to do for yourself. Our job is to help you make your brand the best and most recognizable it can possibly be, so you can focus on running your business and reinforcing the impressions your marketing and advertising has given the public. Using a client-directed approach, we can build an integrated marketing and corporate appearance plan that places the needs of your company uppermost in every facet of design and execution.

For more information about how Brand Labs NY can help grow your business or to see examples of the work we’ve done for other companies, you can call us at (212) 896-4725 or email Your business has the potential to be doing so much more than it is, and we’re here to help. For a one-stop solution that gives your business a larger reach and more possibilities than ever before, let Brand Labs NY help you develop a marketing plan that will take your business to the next level.

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