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October 2, 2022How CallRail Saved a Client $15000 per month

From day 1, Delancey Street was developed as a conversion strategy agency. Our goal, regardless of the size of the business, is to help drive more targeted leads, and ultimately higher revenue. It’s a really simple and basic proposition. What you’re going to read, is a case study on how we used CallRail, an amazing service, to help a client eliminate their $15,000 a month PPC campaign.

We have a client portfolio ranging from KIA, VW, BBC America, to small and regional law firms all over the country. Many of these firms, practice in areas like criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, and others. The one we’re discussing in this study, is the #1 ranking criminal defense law firm in NYC. The firm was serviced by Lexus Nexus, and transitioned to us due to a number of reasons.

The Situation

The client started to rank extraordinarily well in search engines. It ranked in the top 3 for many of the toughest SEO keywords for criminal defense in NYC. At this time, we started evaluating how many leads were coming from SEO vs PPC. Lead tracking was setup, so that all contact forms could be tracked. We discovered that little to no contact forms were being filled out from PPC. It was “assumed,” that the PPC leads were probably phone calls, but there was no way to confirm or verify.

CallRail Was The Solution

I was introduced to CallRail due to another client of ours, LamberGoodnow (also a law firm), telling me about it. The firm mentioned they were able to track how many calls came from all of the various sources, ranging from SEO, to local directories, to even PPC.

We utilized CallRail and set it up on the client in question.  We used the tracking platform to deploy tracking numbers for all the various sources of traffic coming to the website. We tracked paid sources, such as: PPC, Avvo(paid advertising was done on this lawyer forum), in addition to a few other lawyer directories.

  1. Each call was recorded
  2. The source of each call was provided
  3. We were able to separate repeat callers, from new callers

Setting up CallRail was extremely easy. Thanks to CallRail’s wordpress plugin, it was instant.

The Value Proposition Is Huge

The greatest thing about CallRail was the fact it enabled us to appear informed, and frankly – “more competent,” in front of the client. The firm had worked with a large number of vendors, and never before had someone proposed a viable solution to track lead flow in term of phone calls. Most agencies claimed it was impossible. To put it mildly, CallRail improved our reputation – and trustworthiness, in front of the client.

What The Client Learned

Setting up CallRail was a huge step for our client. Not only did we help them save money from direct advertising costs – more importantly, the client discovered internal issues in terms of how associates were answering calls.

Call Recording

Call recording allowed senior partners at the firm to listen, and hear, how associates at the firm would talk to clients. In many instances, they discovered situations where associates were blatantly rude – which directly resulted in the client not hiring the firm. Correcting this would’ve been impossible, had it not been for CallRail.

PPC Resulted In No Phone Call Leads

This was a huge shock. It was discovered that virtually no phone calls had arisen from CallRail. While there has been some calls, based on the amount of advertising dollars spent – it was costing the firm anywhere from $1,000 to $1,200 for each call! Because there was call recording, and caller details, the firm was able to look into whether any of the calls had turned into actual cases. It was discovered that virtually none of the callers turned into cases.

What happened then?

CallRail’s data confirmed what we suspected: PPC didn’t deliver much, if any, value. The dilemma we faced was trying to figure out why. The firm had been very clear, and transparent, that PPC used to generate 2-3 phone calls a day. The sharp decrease did not make sense since SEO was generating 2-4 phone calls each day. The only pattern we noticed was that the decrease happened at the same time as the firm started ranking higher in search engines.

Deeper analysis led us to suspect foul play. In order to investigate further, click fraud tracking software installed. Long story short – we discovered there was rampant click fraud occurring. When we analyzed the data, it was discovered that the CTR for PPC advertisements was abysmally high (25-30%), suggesting click fraud was at play.

~$180,000 per year is now saved thanks to CallRail

Long story short, CallRail helped us discover that the firm was losing money on PPC. The investigation that followed resulted in us disabling PPC all together. This would never have been possible, had CallRail had not been around.

Not only did we save money from PPC being disabled, the firm also benefited from the fact it discovered that some of it’s client’s were being slightly less than polite at times, with prospective clients. This is the best money our agency has ever spent, and we have recommended CallRail to virtually every single one of our clients, who need to track leads.


October 2, 2022

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