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October 2, 2022How to use Quora for Backlinks

Many marketers, and business owners alike, simply either ignore, or don’t know about Quora. It’s actually one of the biggest mistakes most marketers make. Quora is HUGE and is a game changer – especially if you’re trying to brand yourself/your business, and want to do so in a forum that is frequented by reputable thought leaders. Quite frankly, it’s one of the best ways to get innovative thought leaders to learn about you, your work, and about your business. Consequently, it’s a great opportunity in terms of building backlinks.

In this article, we’ll educate you about what Quora is, and how you can use it to brand your business, and consequently get some hot backlinks! First and foremost, Quora was built in 2009 by former Facebook employees. MANY of the greatest minds in the world are on Quora, and communicate. It’s a very intimate way of getting a glimpse into the thoughts of reputable individuals. It’s not uncommon, for someone to ask a question about a “person” like Bill Gates, and then see a personal response from Bill Gates. Unfortunately, the rise in popularity of the platform has resulted in Quora’s overall value decreasing. Many Quora users put in fake/promotional questions, that they answer from their alternate accounts. As a marketer, your opportunity lies in providing the highest quality answer possible to the questions posed by your peers.

So how do you get a link?

It’s simple. Make an account. Read a question. Leave a response. Where appropriate, leave a link to your website. The links are set as rel=no-follow, so the value in them is diminished. The reason you should do it is because if you leave a meaningful response, you can actually expect to get legitimate traffic from the platform. Real people are looking for meaningful answers. If you provide it, you can expect traffic from those visitors, which could turn into potential clients.

Users on Quora prefer answers that are thorough – so writing topical answers will just make you look like an amateur. The best answers i’ve seen are easily 600 – 1000 words long, with a lot of annotated links to websites that support the authors answer. When writing an answer, find a way to “plug” yourself into the answer. If you have a relevant blog post that answers the question, use it as a source to support your answer. No one’s expecting you to be selfless here. Nothing in life is free. If you add a legitimate link, that is going to a trustworthy website – yet doesn’t cheapen the value of your answer – that’s fine. What’s frowned upon is linking to terrible websites which have nothing to do with the persons question. Act in good faith – and you will be rewarded. Quora is a community of high IQ individuals trying to share information – stay true to that motto.


October 2, 2022

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