Los Angeles companies must have a search engine optimization campaign in place in order to exist. LA is one of the world class cities that all industries have a base in. We have a presence in the city that no other SEO company has, and here is how we will help you create the online presence that you want.

1 – Organization

Site organization includes the right kind of long tail keyword research, the right kind of coding and also the right link building structure. All of these things build off of each other to create an overall presence that is then indexed by the major search engines.

We are one of the only search engine optimization companies that has the ability to work all of these angles at once, and this is a skill that we will put to work for your company.

2 – Protecting your site from algorithm changes

The rules are always changing online. Led by Google, the major search engines are always increasing the scrutiny through which sites are seen. Penguin 4.0 is the latest iteration of Google algorithm changes that have affected a great deal of websites, even some that did not deserve to be attacked.

We will make sure that your website does not fall in with the losers that get their search engine ranking destroyed by Google Penguin and Panda. We are always watching for reports that mean a change and we are proactive about getting in front of the problem.

3 – Content for your site matching your keywords and organization

Even if you get all of your organization together, it means nothing if the content on your website does not match it. You may get a short term boost in the major search engines, but you will not last.

We will give you the ability to change your content in an organized fashion so that you will never have to worry about being misrepresented on the major search engines. This will result in more targeted traffic that will create more loyal customers who are actually looking to purchase your product.

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