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October 2, 2022Making Sense of it all

This post may come off as a rant, and to some extent, it is. This isn’t going to tell you something you don’t already know – you’ve heard these words before, in one way or another, the only issue is – did they really hit home?

I’m hoping that this helps you make sense of it all. When I say this, I mean to say – I hope this answers your questions when it comes to the recent Google changes

1. Why me

2. Why now

3. What do I do?

In order to really make sense of this all, we have to go to the beginning. There’s always been this vigilante, Wild Wild West spirit in us SEO cowboys. There are Search Engine TOS, but generally speaking – Google has traditionally weighed the worst offenders and gone after them. It requires way too much man power to go after EVERYONE on a manual basis. Frankly, business owners – web developers – you were all led down a perilous path, filled with actions like “buying links,” with the expectation “you’re too small to get hit.”

Then, big brands like JC Pennies and Overstock got hit, and business owners and SEO “experts” realized – wow, Google’s cracking down, “but we’re too small for them to care,” and that’s true…to an extent. 

Google cares, it always has, it’s just they didn’t have enough time/labor to handle it all, and that’s why automated algorithms like Panda, and Penguin were created – makes sense. Let’s automate something so that it’s more uniformly enforced.

Now, the one thing has remained constant, if someone goes up, someone else has to go down. For all the losers, there were winners.

What makes these winners so special that Google raised them higher? Well, let’s be honest – it’s highly probable that they simply polluted Google’s search results much less. 

When you decide to make 1000 forum profiles, or 1000 new article in absolutely spammed up article directories, Google does it’s normal routine and eventually crawls it. If you have genuinely good content, or were able to spin it enough to trick the spider, you are then blessed with having it indexed. Cheers – now your garbage/high quality content, is now in the index.

What’s that mean? Well, if you’re Google, then that means you now need additional memory, additional computing power, and additional storage, etc, to handle those 1000 new garbage articles which eluded the algorithm. Google has to work harder to handle the additional load of your articles, and in essence you’re costing Google time, energy, memory, and above all money. Scale and magnify this enough, with enough garbage content made by enough people, and pretty soon you have yourself an extremely bloated, and polluted search engine.

By polluting Google’s search engine, you’re costing Google money, and making them waste money, and not only that you’re muddling their Search Engine results with garbage. If you’re guilty of this, then should it come as a shock when Google simply gives you the cold shoulder, and consequently lower rankings? You’ve been building low quality links, links which a visitor/user will absolutely never read, on article directories, forums, and blogs, that are in the gutter, and wondering why now Google’s giving you the cold shoulder? The proof is in the pudding isn’t it?

If you find yourself, guilty of polluting Google’s search results then it should be no shock to you, you lost your rankings – or will soon rank them if you don’t change your ways. Why else do you think Penguin was unveiled? It’s to uniformly enforce the policies we all knew were true, but were too hard to enforce on a mass-scale – something business owners and the SEO industry took advantage of. Gone are those days, and hiring a loose-cannon SEO expert who brags about his results through these “crazy” blackhat methodologies is the worst mistake you can make.

Run as far away from one of them – as quick as possible. 

If you want to get back your rankings, and get respect from Google, stop polluting. If you’ve engaged in such acts, then delete the articles, delete the blog posts, delete the garbage which has links in it pointing back to you.


October 2, 2022

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