BrandingWithSEO is one of the top full service digital marketing companies in Michigan. We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, online reputation management, and more. For many years, we have successfully implemented digital marketing campaigns for businesses in the state of Michigan. Many of our clients report a 20% revenue increase after the implementation of our marketing platform.

On Page Optimization
We take the time to carefully analyze each and every single page on your website to evaluate how it is ranking within all the major search engines. Search engine optimization is critical for any online marketing campaign. We offer some the largest and most comprehensive digital marketing platforms that exist today. Some of the tools that we utilize in establishing traffic to your website is site auditing, interlinking of projects, keyword research, and the development of SEO meta-data. After completing a full evaluation of your website, we will provide you with a report that you may forward to your in-house web design team, or we can optimize the pages for you. All of the recommendations that will be cited in the SEO report will be adhered to when we optimize your web pages.

Link Building
Search engine optimization appears to be forever changing, but back linking has remained consistent. Our SEO experts are skilled at creating back links that improve search engine ranking. It allows your website to gain popularity and generate traffic for new customers. Many of our Michigan clients have reported a 5% increase in website traffic from links that we have built. If the links to your website are not generating the traffic you desire, contact us and we will build a link building strategy for you.

Reputation Management
Information placed on the Internet often travels at a high rate of speed. The reputation of your business is extremely important, for it can ultimately decide whether a customer decides to seek out services from your company. Whether you’re seeking additional customers or attempting to resolve negative comments on the Internet, we have a proven history of resolving reputation matters within a short amount of time. We do not stop until your company is portrayed positively online.

Social Media Marketing
Social media networks can be very profitable for any business. It allows business owners to connect directly with potential clients and build brand awareness. Social media marketing has the ability to revolutionize your marketing efforts. Our social media campaigns create brand awareness and real customer engagement.

Our social media campaigns provide the following:
1) Generate traffic to your website
2) Increase brand awareness
3) Assist with customer relations and feedback
4) Attract followers and share content
5) A cost-effective approach for local advertising
6) Extend marketing efforts through special offers like coupons or giveaways

Pay-Per-Click Services
Pay-per-click services are one of the most wildly known marketing techniques for generating immediate results. However, if it is not properly structured, it can cause business owners thousands of dollars and generate very little profit. We have established many successful pay-per-click campaigns for businesses in the state of Michigan. We have the skill and years of experience in developing successful pay per click campaigns that increase return on investment (ROI).

Our pay-per-click campaign provides the following:
1) Reduce pay-per-click cost
2) Raise the quality of your marketing campaign
3) Increase brand awareness
4) Send targeted traffic to your website
5) Provide quality leads

Our content services offer the highest quality within the state of Michigan. SEO content is necessary for adequate page ranking. Our unique and engaging content will establish authority for your website within all the major search engines. This is also one of the best ways of increasing your websites visibility. Our content specialists know what’s required to drive traffic to your website organically. We are serious about the success of your business, and we ensure that all content is grammatically structured, engaging, and traffic generating.

We will prepare a content strategy designed to fit the needs of your business. We work with small and large budgets. In addition to fresh weekly content, we will provide content to address the immediate needs of potential customers. With cutting edge technology, we are able to utilize the best keywords for generating traffic to your website. For businesses with high traffic, content marketing is usually their top priority.

If your website is not generating the traffic you desire, we can formulate a digital marketing platform that will dramatically increase your website ranking and generate massive amounts of traffic. For more information on our services, please call us today at 1-888-592-1103.

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