Top Ways to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website
You may have heard that it is important to create an “SEO friendly” website, but are you aware of what that entails? Many small business owners understand the basics of SEO, but may be in the dark about exactly what it entails. There are many techniques that specialists use to create SEO-friendly sites, and these will help you to gain maximum exposure on the Web.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the body of knowledge that is used to create websites that are most likely to attract the attention of search engines. SEO can encompass many services, from online reputation management to publicity, off-page optimization and organic search services.

Creating SEO-Friendly Content

In order to get the highest ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), you will need to create content that is “friendly” toward the search engines. There are several guidelines that you can use to ensure search engine friendliness.

-High Quality Content
Readers love great content. Most people turn to the Internet for information, and if you can provide it, you will set yourself apart as an authority in your subject matter. Ensure that your content is well-written with no spelling or grammatical errors.

Content should be 100% original, and not copied from other sources. Your content should be easy to read and scan. Avoid large blocks of text and use headings and bullet points instead.

-Strategic Keyword Use
Some website owners think that simply repeating keywords over and over is enough to get high search engine placement. Not only does this strategy not work, the search engines will punish you for this. It is referred to as keyword stuffing, and makes it difficult for your readers to comprehend your content.


Keyword stuffed sentence:

If you are looking for car repair Reno, we offer the best car repair Reno services. Come in for affordable car repair Reno today.

Keyword optimized sentence:

If you are looking for car repair in Reno, we offer body work and other repair services. Come in for a free diagnostic today.

Your SEO team is skilled in the strategic use of keywords and will research the right ones for your content. SEO firms employ professional writers who can create dynamic content for your website.

-Create Sharable Content

People love to share interesting content with their friends. For this reason, it pays to make your content as unique and interesting as possible. Include links to your social media sites and invite them to follow you and share your content from there as well. The more people visit your site and share your content, the higher you will rank with the search engines.

Funny photos, interesting stories, polls and news items all make for interesting and sharable content.

-Optimize Your Content

It is not enough to simply write well on your blog or website. Your content must be optimized. If someone searches for “peach cobbler recipes,” and you have a blog posting titled, “Best Peach Cobbler Recipes,” the search engines will find a match and send you the traffic. It is important that your headlines, headers, image captions and meta tags are all optimized to give you the best possible exposure for your content.

Making Your Layout Search Engine Friendly

One of the elements of a successful SEO campaign is website analysis. This means that your SEO team will analyze your website to ensure that it is friendly to the search engines. Some website owners inadvertently drive people away from their sites by creating unfriendly layouts.

Your site should be easy to navigate. This means that your navigation links are displayed clearly on your page and your readers can easily find the page they need. Your site should have a sitemap that serves as an index of all of the pages on your site, giving the search engine spiders a virtual road map of your site. Eliminate splash pages and flash intros that make it harder for the search engines to find your website.

During your website analysis, your SEO team will go over all of these elements and make sure that your site is not driving away the search engine spiders.

When it comes to getting the maximum exposure on the Web, having a site that is search engine friendly is key. Your SEO team will work hard to create dynamic content, help you choose the right layout and optimize your site for maximum visibility. There are many great SEO companies in Nevada that can help you dominate the top 10 listings in search.

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