BandWithSEO is an online marketing company that helps New York companies generate revenue through a SEO driven platform for the purpose of generating traffic and increasing revenues. We are a full service Internet marketing firm specializing in social media marketing, search engine optimization, advanced website analytics, email marketing, pay per click advertisements, and content strategy.

Our SEO team are skilled at generating massive traffic of high-quality visitors to your website, ultimately improving your websites conversion rate and maximizing return on investment (ROI). We are regularly updating and critiquing our services to ensure our customers are receiving the most valuable and cost-efficient SEO services. Our SEO experts are creative thinkers when it comes to digital marketing and create marketing strategies that provide you with a competitive edge on your competition.

Search Engine Optimization
Our search engine optimization process involves the analyzing of content on your website, architecture, and meta-elements. Our primary goal is to ensure that your website ranks high within the search engine results. In addition to increasing traffic volume, generating sales leads, and increasing revenue, we also focus on generating high-value sales and leads.

We will also guide you in optimizing landing pages, improving the click through rate of your website, and increase your conversion rate so your website will generate ongoing revenue with very little effort. We also help business owners identify cost-saving methods when initiating a digital marketing campaign.

Traditional SEO techniques are not effective anymore. Therefore, we have implemented a three phase approach in the evaluation of our SEO strategies.

1) We conduct vast amounts of research and use specialized SEO tools in maximizing the potential revenue of your website. This method is important because it allows our SEO specialists to initiate a digital marketing campaign that will increase your return on investment (ROI).

2) With many years of experience, our SEO specialists know how to build an effective yet profitable campaign. From selecting keywords to on and off page strategies, including the creation of content, link syndication, and social media integration. Our SEO specialists possess the knowledge and skills to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s digital marketing campaign.

3) We also provide measurable data and track the performance of your campaign. With cutting edge technology, we are able to track campaign performance and compare it to key performance indicators (KPIs). This allows business owners to have greater control of their digital marketing campaign.

Pay Per Click Advertisement
We do not settle for digital campaigns that do not convert. Over time, advertising efforts are expected to generate new customers. A dedicated SEO specialist, who has years of experience will guide the success of your marketing campaign and ensure high performing advertisements.

We began your pay per click campaign by understanding your business needs and converting those needs into a tailored marketing strategy. Whether it’s video, social or retargeting, we will establish the perfect advertising strategy for lead generation and increasing revenue goals. We will choose keywords that are relevant, create SEO landing pages and write compelling ads that will produce instant results.

A successful campaign requires constant optimization. We analyze the entire digital marketing campaign and consistently look for ways to improve your return on investment (ROI). We believe in communication, accountability, and transparency.

Social Media Marketing
When working with us, you will have a social media marketing campaign that will not only generate traffic to your website but also create awareness of your brand. If you are seeking SEO guidance, management of online social presence or an audit of your competitors, we take social media marketing to a higher level.

Social networks like Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have proven to be some valuable ways of marketing. We will create high-quality engaging content that will be shared within various social media networks.

We go far beyond measuring “comments” or “likes” in determining the effectiveness of a social media campaign. We analyze how much traffic has generated to your website, the time each visitor spent at your website, what social media pages brought visitors to your site, conversion rates, and the percentage of visitors that became promising leads. A data driven analogy is the center of our focus.

We have an obsession with establishing online visibility and converting it into measurable business data. We consider our company to be the marketing extension of your company. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting targeted deadlines, and we never stop improving and analyzing your SEO, social media marketing, or pay per click campaigns.

We make sure that any changes in search engines algorithms will not prevent your business website from ranking accordingly. We are committed to keeping you one step ahead of your competition. If you are seeking additional information on SEO services for your business, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-592-1103.

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