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Are you a company in Pennsylvania that needs more customers, brand recognition and links in the search engines that will get you noticed? Fortunately, you have found a digital marketing agency that specializes in all of those areas of marketing and a whole bunch more.

It is no coincidence that you landed on information about what we can do for you. We’ve been helping small, medium and large companies in Scranton, Bethlehem and Lancaster for quite a while and take pride in our ability to do so. We specialize in link building, customized website design, paid search advertising, local search optimization and maps optimization.

Local Search Optimization

If you are just beginning your site or in the process of optimization, focus on local searchers is imperative if you want to succeed. In fact, studies have shown that about 80 percent of searchers on the Internet are looking for information that is local. To help your company succeed in your geographical area, we employ tactics that identify local search terms, optimize pages with town and city descriptions, localize your content, list your brand in local directories, optimize and market for mobile users, list your business on social sites and help you interact with customers.

Successful Link Building

Search engine optimization has progressed to the point where link building should actually be called link earning. In order to help your site rise in the search engines, your website requires links from sites that the search engines deem valuable. Search engines are placed on the Internet to provide the best answers possible to questions posed by searchers. Their algorithm is a complex creature that kicks out websites that try to game the system and use spammy links. Our trained technicians are versed in the current best methods and spend a great deal of time learning what works and what doesn’t.

Paid Search Advertising

If you’re a Pennsylvania business that doesn’t have time to wait for SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising helps future products or services out the door much quicker. You can blow a budget fast though, if you have never worked with PPC marketing. Our talented staff has experience setting up and optimizing advertising that will get you noticed. Our team focuses on tweaking those advertisements so that you are not just getting clicks but customers who want to buy. PPC is an ongoing process that takes patience, knowledge and a little artistic flair. Our experience shines in this area, and we enjoy helping businesses in York, Harrisburg and Chester increase their ROI.

Customized Website Design

Not all web design companies are the same. A site that looks spectacular may have bad coding that doesn’t tell the search engines the correct information. We won’t stand for that and focus on building websites that attract customers and have coding and content that’s optimized. The designers and developers at Branding with SEO work together on projects to ensure that your website is intuitive, correctly listing keywords for your products or services and packed with content that’s valuable for your customers. Pennsylvania companies rely on us for ecommerce, marketing and localized website solutions.

Maps Optimization

If you haven’t noticed, when you search for local businesses on the Internet, a local map will pop up on the right side of the organic search results. The map will show locations for the businesses associated with the niche searched for. These listings will also be seen in a big area of the organic results. Taking advantage of these maps is crucial. In fact, maps will take up about 30 percent of the page and catch a searchers eye. Getting listed on the map will ensure that your business gets noticed and give you a lead over your competition. Our team is familiar with optimizing for this, and we’ve helped many other Pennsylvania businesses in Hazelton, Easton and Williamsport get listed. We can help you too.

Customized Email Design

Email marketing is a surefire way to talk directly with your customers. You can personalize messages and build marketing campaigns that have laser focused vision. You can speak with your customers in Pittsburgh, Allentown and Erie in a way that shows them that you understand what they need. Customized email marketing also allows you to stay in front of your customers. You can test marketing messages, promote a new service or spread valuable information. Of course, you don’t want to overstay your welcome and create irrelevant email designs. Our team focuses on producing just the right frequency of messages to ensure that your brand is seen as one of the best.

It’s not surprising that many of our previous customers come back to us for tuneups and the latest strategies and marketing. How can we help you improve your business and gain customer loyalty?

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