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Your search engine optimization campaign is the center of your Internet marketing campaign. Without one, you cannot hope to have an effective presence on the Internet. We’re the Seattle SEO firm that can ensure the longevity of your campaign on the Internet. Here are some of the ways in which we can help you.

First of all, we will initiate a long-term keyword structure that will create the backbone for the rest of your campaign. With the right keywords, you will be able to separate yourself from your competition as well as index yourself well within the major search engines. This will also help you to define the content that you place on your website.

We will also help you to create internal links in your website that will help the indexing process as well. The more internal links that you have, the better that your website will be called by the major search engines, especially Google. As an added bonus, your human visitors will probably be much more happy with the structure of your website. They will be able to easily access references without having to click through a number of pages. This helps search engine optimization as well. As people spend more time on your website, the major search engines will take note of that.

Third, we will optimize your external link structure to make sure that you do not have any sites that are lowering the ranking of your page. Google has been cracking down on links like this of late, and if you have links to spam sites or dangerous sites, then your site to be punished for their mistakes. There are very simple ways that we can employ to increase the “link juice” of your website.

We will do all this while maintaining the visual of your website. After all, the visual is what people look at first. Your website is your calling card and it should be able to create the word-of-mouth that will keep visitors coming back once the initial search engine optimization campaign reels them in. We are willing to help you work this process from the beginning to the end. It was a call or email today when you are ready to take your search engine optimization campaign to the next level.

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