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October 2, 2022SEO – Going Forward

This blog post, is a very peculiar, and perhaps – misplaced blog post, but I think it’s highly relevant to those who are wondering,  What now?


This is sort of the general sentiment we have gauged speaking to business owners, and even other SEO Experts. Where do we go from here? Panda, Penguin – people feel like their entire strategy/path has been shot down. To an extent, they are right, they have no clue where to go/what to do – and that sentiment is what sparked me to write this blog post.

The sentiments I feel, were echoed by Danny Sullivan, at SearchEngineLand, in his post titled, Link Building Means Earning “Hard Links” Not “Easy Links” 

The remarks written in this blog post are essentially something we’ve known for a while, but frankly – were overlooked because we, as an industry, and as individual business owners, looked for the easy solution which brought smiles to our face today. Those who tried building links for Google, for Search Engines, are suffering today – while those who built links for humans, have nothing to worry about frankly. Let’s understand why – links built for humans, generate traffic directly, and indirectly. For example, we have references to our website through Wikipedia, believe it or not, we actually get a decent amount of traffic from these links, which are in the references section!

As Danny said, “What you want is to be linked from places where there’s an actual audience that might see  your link and click on it directly to visit.” 

This quote resonates very strongly as the basis of what Penguin has been targetting in it’s efforts. Some visitor would never visit some Viagra-Spam filled forum, so therefore all links in such places are of little to no intrinsic value to readers. Google wants to satisfy the reader, and that’s where the story ends.

In order to be competitive again, and face Penguin, you have to build links not for the sake of building them or getting easy ones, but getting them because they matter. 


October 2, 2022

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