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SEO is one of the most confusing elements for business owners with websites. It’s no wonder that many companies miss multiple opportunities to get more out of their site with optimization techniques. Here are several of the most commonly overlooked SEO opportunities businesses are missing out on with their website.

Navigation and menus

Companies must be aware that every piece of content on their website is something that could be utilized for search engine optimization. While many companies choose to work with simple navigation cues in their menus, they can produce poor results in the search engines if their site doesn’t trigger enough search engine activity. The search engines can pull this content and gather clues about the site from that information.

Footer links and sitemap

Footer links are another important component in optimization that is overlooked by businesses in SEO. A good sitemap improves the user experience but it also helps search engines collect site activity. Search engines process websites more quickly when the sitemaps have active, accurate links. Sites don’t always get indexed as frequently as those that don’t take advantage of search engine optimization.

Alt text for images

Alt tags are also easy ways to take advantage of optimization opportunities. Images also have SEO value when they are optimized. Search engines associate keywords with content featured on the site. Images can also be optimized like text content featured in web pages. This is particularly important for companies that sell products online in an ecommerce situation. Websites achieve better rankings when there is alt text image information that can be collected.

Overlooking link building

One of the most common overlooked elements for website is link building. While many companies are focused on making sure that their website presents pertinent information like business hours and product or service information. Companies often neglect the link building aspect that involves building high value links to other sites. Getting too few links or getting links from poor ranking sites can jeopardize the company’s performance in the search engine results.

Businesses can benefit from these missed opportunities to leverage SEO to their company’s advantage. Working with an SEO consultant makes it easier to capitalize on search engine optimization techniques. Increasing traffic and improving performance in website design requires better use of SEO methods.

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