South Carolina SEO companies are working with customers to help them achieve the visibility they need to compete online. Consumers are growing increasingly reliant on the Internet to search for businesses by category. Many of the consumers are performing a higher number of searches in a shorter period of time. Here are several important SEO trends all business owners should be aware of in their Internet marketing efforts.

Consumers look for businesses online

According to Brightlocal, 57 percent of consumers have searched or local businesses online more than 6 times per year. This means that the consumer is expecting the average business to have some sort of an online presence. If a business wants to attract business from prospective clients who rely on Internet searches to find what they need, then their business must be able to be easily located online.

Consumers intend to shop local

In the same Brightlocal report, 39 percent of consumers reported searching for local businesses online once a month. Any business that truly wants to have an edge on the competition should know that many people intend to do business on the local level. South Carolina SEO Companies work with businesses to make sure that they are more likely to be found by consumers most likely to make purchases from them.

Consumers want answers fast

The Brighlocal survey states that 15 percent of consumers search online daily for local businesses. This speaks to the growing popularity of using mobile devices for searches. It also shows how consumers want to find precisely what they need with minimal effort. SEO companies in South Carolina specialize in helping businesses optimize their sites to capitalize off of mobile trends as well as those who perform local searches daily to gain quick access to information with ease. Top positions in the search engine results increase chances of a business getting top placement in both mobile and traditional Internet searches.

Consumers conduct multiple searches on businesses each week

According to the study, 15 percent of respondents indicated that they search for a business online multiple times a week. This gives a business six opportunities to advertise to a
prospective client. According to Rule of Seven, a person usually sees an ad seven times before taking action. If the company’s business shows up consistently in a prominent position in the search engines, the chances for making a sale dramatically improves with each subsequent view.

Just because consumers know the business doesn’t mean they stop searching for it

According to consumer research, 57 percent of people have searched for a local business six times within the past year. This means that the average person may have interacted with the business but is still interested in learning more about the business. While some people may be performing a search for mapping purposes and route planning, others are actually hunting for information. This means that people actually study their businesses and want to learn as much as they can about the business. SEO companies help businesses get as much of their information out there to the public utilizing optimization techniques.

Companies have more opportunities than ever to reach consumers online through optimization. In concentrating entirely on efforts most likely to produce the best results, a company can dramatically improve their chances of getting their message and brand out in front of eager consumers most likely to do business with them. While many consumers search once for business information, the vast majority will search for a business on several occasions, thus increasing the opportunity to generate a sale. Businesses who leverage Internet searches to their advantage can improve traffic and drive consumer interest using SEO optimization techniques.

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