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October 2, 2022Translating your website into other languages to get more traffic

Landing pages, and content, in the context of SEO is like “fishing hooks,” that are trying to catch fish. The more “hooks,” you have in the water, the greater the chance you’ll catch fish. The same can be said about landing pages, and content. The more landing pages you create, the higher the chance you’ll get traffic in one form or another. This is one of the major reasons why many local service professionals, such as attorneys, often create a landing page for every city they service. In some cases, you’ll see local professionals create 100’s of landing pages, simply to capitalize on the fact that this gives them more opportunities to rank, and get traffic.

Translating your website means more possibilities and sources of traffic

One of the most underused techniques, when trying to generate new sources of traffic – is the translation of a website into other languages. Cities such as Los Angeles, NYC, and other larger cities in the USA, are a literal melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, and languages. Many of these groups of individuals, often form clusters within larger cities, i.e. little italy, etc. In light of this, they stick to their own native language, and patronize businesses who speak their language. In most cases, language is a barrier – and therefore they try to work with someone who is of the same culture as them.

With search engines becoming more and more prevalent in the lives of everyday citizens, this preference has trickled into how users search for a professional in search engines. While an english speaking lawyer might type in “NYC Electrician,” or “NYC Lawyer,” – a spanish speaking individual might type in, “Abogado en NYC,” or something along those lines. Meaning, the users sticks to his/her native language, and types a query into Google in their native language.

Search Engines prefer giving the most relevant search results

Google, and other search engines, will try to give the user the most relevant results. In this case, the search engines will try to deliver a website that is written in Spanish, and pertains to what the user typed into Google.  As a local business owner, whose trying to capitalize on new sources of traffic this is an enormous opportunity.

  • Translating websites into other languages is in itself, a barrier of entry
    • It’s expensive
    • It’s time consuming
    • It requires technical know-how, because now there are SEO ramifications and in addition, website structure/organizational considerations which require the assistance of multiple vendors

If you can afford it, translating your website can be an innovative and new source of traffic that you may not have considered before. Below is a screenshot of some of the top generating national keywords, pertaining to “Abogados,” which means lawyers, in Spanish. When you start looking at the volume, which is in the thousands, you can see for yourself that there’s definitely value in pursuing it.


October 2, 2022

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