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October 2, 2022What are the most commonly used enterprise SEO tools?

For years, we’ve had the unique opportunity to service some of the leading brands in the world. Whether it be helping a large number of local dealerships, for KIA and VW, or whether it be helping large e-commerce websites, such as the BBC Shop, we’ve learned a lot about which SEO tools are useful in enterprise settings. It takes a savvy, and knowledgable marketer, to understand the power of natural search. Harnessing it, and leveraging it, can be difficult.

One of the most common reasons behind why enterprises succeed when it comes to SEO, is having the necessary tools to understand what competitors and prospective consumers are looking for, and doing, online.

How Good Is Your Data?

The timing and the quality of your data is essential in making SEO decisions.Without good data, it can be difficult to get year after year growth. Especially, if you’re in the e-commerce industry, having good data is critical to making decisions that result in new revenue. There are many tools that can help you identify patterns when it comes to e-commerce trends.

Using SEMRUSH To Identify Keywords You Should Target

There are numerous tools out there that can fill this void. Typically, many are paid solutions. For example, if you’re wondering what SEO keywords your competitor ranks for, the tool SEMRUSH is a great asset. If, for example, you’re online store is going to pick up a new line of products – it’s important you do keyword research, in order to understand which keywords should be targeted when writing content for the various product pages on your website.


Once you’ve added your phrase into SEMRush, it’ll give you a list of other phrases that match your original keyword. If you’re looking to find all the relevant keywords that are pertinent to your niche, this is a good place to begin. Using SEMRush, you can find high value keywords, that are relevant, and will produce results.

Another way to use SEMRush, is to type in your competitor into the tool in order to find out more information about what they rank for organically in search engines. One of our clients is the BBC, so i’m going to use the BBC Doctor Who Shop. When we first started with them, we needed to find out which keywords they weren’t ranking for, and who was. We looked at the highest traffic generating keywords, listed in SEMRush, and then started looking at who was ranking, and what they were doing.

Drill Down The Keywords in SEMRush

Upon clicking on one of the keywords, such as “Doctor Who Episodes,” will then drill-down the SEMRush data further. Upon clicking “Doctor Who Episodes,” you’ll see a list of other sub-keywords, that fall under the “Doctor Who Episodes,” category.

Thanks to SEMRush, you can now see all the different keywords similar to the keyword: Doctor Who Episodes. More importantly, you can see the trend, of the keyword. When making business decisions, about which product line to add to your website – this data is extremely important.

If a category of keywords is on a down-trend, in terms of traffic, it means that there’s possibly going to be less competition – since less people are competing for the traffic, since it’s decreased. If you’re looking for new ways to increase traffic, this can be a good way to improve you’re e-commerce shop.

How good are your backlinks?

Backlinks are huge, when it comes to getting Google to recognize you, as a leader, and player, in your industry. Contrary to popular belief, Enterprises need backlinks just like common small businesses. Often, Enterprises are under more scrutiny than SMB’s when it comes to HOW and WHERE they do link building.

Not too long ago,, a huge marketplace, came under fire for it’s link building strategy. It can be hard to create organic SEO links. There are many backlinks tools which can help you analyze the links of your competitors.

MajesticSEO is one of the leading SEO research tools. It helps you identify where, and what, are the backlinks that a website has. It is used when doing competitor research, and trying to understand how/why a competitor ranks. It shows you a websites backlinks, their quality, etc. If you’re competitor is outcompeting you, use MajesticSEO to understand why. Let’s look at a competitor of our clients(

For the keyword, Doctor Who Tshirts, this company ranks on page 1 of Google. When we look at their backlinks, they have over 450,000 backlinks, with numerous EDUCATIONAL(links from .edu websites), in addition to numerous government links. All in all, that means the website’s powerful. Another segment of the data, is looking at the top 5 powerful backlinks. You can identify them, by scrolling down on the page, and looking. Below is a screenshot of the top 5 links the website as. It seems like many of them are coming from very strong websites. You can identify whether a website is strong or not, by looking at it’s TRUST FLOW AND CITATION FLOW.

Depending on your link building strategy, it’s very common for SEO experts to look at which websites link to their competitors, and then to reach out to them in order to get similar links. While “replication,” is not a suggested strategy, it can be quite effective if done properly and for the right reasons.

What’s your keyword density?

Keyword density is one of the most important elements of an on-site strategy. If you screw it up, you can literally ruin the rankings of your website. If you over-optimize it, you’ll instantly see a drop in rankings. If you continue screwing around, and over-optimizing, you’ll see your rankings drop due to algorithms like Panda, which penalize websites for spamming the search engines. Below are some great enterprise SEO tools which can help you understand your keyword density.

SEOBook has a great tool

SEOBook, a great resource for SEO related information, has ton’s of great content. One of it’s free tools, is a keyword density analysis tool. You can use the tool by going to: The tool has a lot of options, which have to be configured in order to get the most accurate data.

You can enter “content,” into the box, or enter your web URL. Typically, most people will have a webpage already created, and so it’s better to insert your URL address into the box. Typically, you can run the tool as-is, without editing the “minimum word length,” or “minimum occurrences,” fields.


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