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October 2, 2022What is our process for helping a local business become more visible in search results?


Our SEO firm begins every single campaign by immersing ourselves into the client, and their past history. We try to uncover as much as possible about your marketing campaign, and your company. Our goal is to understand your existing situation, and try to determine why your campaign has been failing, or not performing, as well as it should. Typically, this phase will determine the rest of the campaign. We believe SEO is one aspect, of your overall marketing strategy. Our goal is to understand if SEO is actually the root cause of your business problems, or not. In some cases, companies believe they are lacking an SEO vendor – but in reality, other marketing issues exist – i.e. conversion rate issues, etc. SEO alone isn’t enough to propel your brand forward. In this phase, we help you understand how, or why, SEO can help and how we can synchronize SEO with the rest of your marketing campaign. During this phase, we conduct interviews with you, and your staff members, in order to understand what’s been working, and what hasn’t. Ultimately, this information will be presented to you in the form of a proposal. Typically, we schedule a phone call, or an in person interview, in order to go over the proposal, and explain what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and the results you can expect. We firmly believe in transparency – and if we don’t believe SEO is your root issue – we’ll explain that in the proposal and proposal alternative services that may help.

Initial Brief

We send an document, that requests relevant information from you – about your brand, and your past successes and failures. This info is used to understand more about your company, and give us a baseline.

SEO Audit

Our team conducts our own internal SEO audit of your brand. We investigate your competitors, and compare you to them. We look for strategic ways that can easily improve your campaign, and create a long term game plan.

Keyword Research

We investigate which keywords you need to rank for, and which keywords your competitors are ranking for. We conduct an analysis, in order to figure out why you are not ranking for those keywords, and how our team can help change that.


After you review the proposal, we’ll schedule a phone call in order to get your feedback. Clients typically ask us about our approach, and what we do to get the SEO results our company is promising.

On-site Optimization

During this phase, we implement all of the on-site recommendations we made earlier. We create all of the content necessary necessary to implement the content marketing phase; in addition to creating content necessary for SEO landing pages, etc. Depending on where you are at, this can be the most important phase of your SEO campaign. In our experience, often companies are unable to rank for a certain keyword or phrase, simply because they don’t have the necessary content to rank for it. We can fix that, during this phase, by creating content specific to the keyword phrase you’re looking to rank for, or by adjusting your existing content so it aligns with how crawlers prefer it being structured. Many SEO firms forget this phase, and as a result – are unable to deliver results promised. We believe that successful SEO campaigns are rooted in great on-site optimization practices. Content creation, done in this phase, helps search engines and users understand what your website is about – and answers questions. With algorithms like Hummingbird, which favors websites with rich content – we believe content creation is crucial.

Technical Work

We adjust your on-site content, based on the keywords we’ve selected for your campaign. We identify what keywords have commercial intent, and will be profitable for you. We adjust your content, in order to rank higher for those keywords.

Content Creation

We create new content if necessary – such as new SEO landing pages. In addition, we adjust your existing content, so that it aligns with your keyword strategy. If we see a lot of pages that are weak, we’ll either consolidate them or add more content to them in order to make them richer.

Web Design

In some cases, clients have a terrible design, or have outdated architecture. During this phase, new designs, or overhauls, will be done. The success of your campaign is contingent on the quality of your site. It’s crucial you improve it, before seeking higher rankings.


SEO is not a cookie cutter service, and most businesses fail to realize that. The lack of a strategy is why many SEO campaigns fail. Many SEO agencies claim that ranking on page 1 of Google is enough. We firmly believe that the only thing that matters is the revenue generated from your SEO efforts. Ranking is just 1 element of an overall marketing campaign. Our agency believes that SEO has to be done in concert with other forms of marketing. The reason we’re able to generate and deliver results is because we’re able to look at situation, on a macro level, and formulate a strategy which is going to work and take into account all your other marketing and advertising services. When we propose a strategy, we look at all the other advertising services you’re doing, like PPC, Social Media, Traditional advertising, Retargeting and more. We do more than just create nonsense backlinks. We create organic placements that show search engines you’re trustworthy, and that you deserve to rank. We create traffic from our SEO efforts by creating white hat links, on places people genuinely visit. In addition, our SEO strategy focuses on realistic goals – and realistic keywords. We pick keywords, during the strategy phase, that are realistic, and will result in traffic, conversions, and leads.

On-site Strategy

Our team delivers an actionable strategy that addresses on-site issues you have, and we evaluate how to fix them. We propose solutions, that we can implement with, or without, the help of your existing web design/development team. We operate as independently, or in synch, as you require us to.

Off-site Strategy

Backlinks are the end game of any SEO strategy. They help you rank higher, and are one of the most important variables in search engine algorithms. We cultivate a list of websites that we’ll reach out to, after high quality content is created, in order solicit noteworthy backlinks.


During this phase, our team sets up all of the various forms of analytics that help you understand the value of what we’re doing, and more importantly the business results coming from our efforts. That includes call tracking, Google analytics, Heat maps, and all other forms of tracking services – including conversion tracking.

Content Marketing Strategy

During this phase, we help you understand how we’re going to create amazing content – and more importantly, how that content will be marketed in order to get backlinks, and ultimately help you rank better in search engines. Understanding how this phase will play out, is one of the most important things for you as a client – since ultimately, it’s successful execution is when results manifest.

Client Approval

After we’ve finalized our marketing strategy, we present it to you. Once you approve it, we start implementing it – and getting to work.


October 2, 2022

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