Wyoming SEO Firms Deliver Great Marketing Value
When it comes to promoting your business on the Web, search engine optimization can boost your profits and catapult your business to the top of search engine results pages. This increased exposure can lead to greater profits for your business and give you the edge you need to beat out your competitors. Discovering what an SEO firm can do for your business is the first step in enjoying better search engine visibility.

Research, Audit and Analysis

The first step in developing an effective search engine optimization plan for your business is to discover what areas of your online strategy need improvement. If you have a website, your SEO team will create an analysis of your site, determining what works and what doesn’t. If you have started your own marketing campaigns, your firm will analyze your campaign to measure its effectiveness. From here, the team will give you recommendations and create a comprehensive plan of how they will market your business online.

-Keyword Research
Finding the right keywords to connect you with your intended customer is vital. Some key words are more effective than others. Unless you are a major retailer, highly competitive keywords like “children’s clothing,” or “dog food,” are not likely to drive traffic to your site. Your team will help to find niche keywords like “gluten free dog food,” or “children’s dancewear in Tampa that will narrow down your focus and drive more traffic to your site.

Your SEO team will conduct thorough analytics to determine which methods of marketing are working for your company. Your team will use Google Analytics to determine where the majority of your traffic is coming from and maximize those sources. In addition, analytics will help to determine your rate of conversion–that is the amount of visitors to your site that actually buy or take other action.

-Competitor Research
This is where your SEO team really earns its chops. Your team will dig deep into your competitor’s analytics, discovering which methods work and which don’t. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. If your competitors are doing something right, your firm will attempt to replicate those results for your company. If there is something that they are doing that needs improvement, your team will find that and focus on making sure you don’t make the same mistakes.


To understand better what your team will do for your company, it helps to understand how search engines work. When a user enters a keyword or phrase into the search box, the search engines uses a formula, or algorithm, to determine which sites are most relevant to the user’s needs. It takes several factors into account to determine the best possible results. Previous searches, the order of the keywords and other users’ searches will give the search engine a general idea of what the user is asking.

The search engines use what are referred to as “spiders” to crawl the Web, sifting through billions of pages to find the exact one that meet the user’s needs. It then ranks them in order according to relevance, with the first listing on the first page being the most relevant. Getting your site to that top spot is the goal of your SEO team. Optimization is the means by which they will achieve this.

Content Creation

Most people turn to the Internet for information, then make buying decisions based on the information they receive. The most authoritative sites on the Web attract the most attention from the search engine spiders, so being an authority in your subject matter will drive more traffic, and by extension, more profits to your site.

This is where the writers on your SEO team flex their mental muscle on your behalf. Your team will create custom content that is exactly what your readers and the search engines are looking for. Your SEO team will create articles, blog postings, webinars, podcasts and other interactive content that draw viewers to your site again and again. They will also update any of your existing content, adding in rich keywords and terms that your customers are searching for.

They can also supplement your existing content by adding in Frequently Asked Questions sections, “About Us” pages and company bios. They will create meta tags, image captions and product descriptions that will bring the search engines right to your front door.

When it comes to getting the best exposure on the Web, there are many Wyoming SEO companies that can deliver you the best possible results for maximum profits.

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