Arlington MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

Arlington MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

Running a small business is extremely difficult. Between managing employees, keeping customers happy, and trying to turn a profit, there’s always something to worry about. And if you fall behind on payments or take on too much debt, things can spiral out of control very quickly.If your Arlington business is struggling with overwhelming debt, know that you have options. Our dedicated legal and financial experts can help you get out from under crushing business debt and give your company a fresh start.

How We Help Arlington Business Owners

Our team has extensive experience helping small business owners in Arlington and across the country find solutions for unmanageable business debt. We take a personalized approach, getting to know you and your business inside and out so we can create a customized debt relief plan.Some of the ways we can help Arlington business owners include:

  • Debt Settlement – We negotiate directly with your creditors and suppliers to reduce what you owe. Many debts can be settled for 50% or less.
  • MCA Defense – If you have a merchant cash advance (MCA), we help defend against confiscatory daily payments and abusive collection practices.
  • Credit Repair – In addition to settling debts, we work to remove negative items from your business credit reports so you can rebuild and qualify for fair loans.
  • Ongoing Support – We provide ongoing accounting, tax preparation, profit planning, and other services to help your business succeed long-term.

We have an easy process and assign a dedicated expert to each client. All it takes is a quick call to get answers to your questions and set up a consultation.

Common Causes of Small Business Debt

There are many reasons that Arlington business owners can fall behind on payments and struggle with overwhelming debt, including:

  • General economic downturns that reduce sales
  • Loss of a major customer or client
  • Unexpected emergencies like natural disasters or accidents
  • Poor accounting practices or financial planning
  • Personal expenses bleeding into the business
  • Juggling too much credit card or loan debt
  • Merchant cash advance (MCA) payments spiraling out of control

Many of these situations are out of a business owner’s control. And once you fall into debt, it can be incredibly difficult to get back on steady footing. The good news is that you don‘t have to navigate it alone.

The Danger of Merchant Cash Advances

One major source of crippling small business debt is merchant cash advances, sometimes called business cash advances (MCAs). These loans seem appealing because they are quick, have few requirements, and provide an upfront lump sum. However, the true costs are obscured and payments can quickly become unmanageable.Here’s why business owners should use extreme caution with merchant cash advances:

  • Deceptively High Costs – MCAs can have annualized interest rates over 200% when fees are factored in. This is exponentially higher than traditional loans.
  • Daily Repayments – MCAs take a percentage of your daily credit card sales, draining your cash flow. If sales dip, you owe the same fixed payments.
  • Abusive Collections – When you fall behind on payments, many MCA providers use aggressive tactics like harassing calls, freezing bank accounts, and suing merchants.

If your Arlington business is stuck in a crushing MCA agreement, our legal team can help you defend against unfair collections so you can restructure the debt and regain control of your finances.

Our Attorneys Defend Against Abusive MCA Tactics

Merchant cash advance companies engage in predatory lending and rely on obscure contractual language to impose rigid terms on small businesses. They often resort to abusive collections tactics when those unrealistic terms are not met.Our network of attorneys helps Arlington business owners fight back against the following underhanded MCA tactics:

  • Deceptive Marketing – Many MCA companies downplay costs and overpromise potential benefits to pressure owners into unfavorable contracts.
  • Bait & Switch Terms – Advance providers advertise one set of terms then have merchants sign contracts with far higher rates and steeper consequences for nonpayment.
  • Unreasonable Repayment Demands – MCA contracts often give advance companies sweeping powers to raid bank accounts and seize assets out of proportion with the original agreement.
  • Harassment & Intimidation – When payments fall behind, MCA providers frequently resort to harassing calls day and night, lawsuits, threats to contact customers, and other strongarm tactics.

Our lawyers can review your MCA contract to identify unlawful provisions and exploitative terms so we can challenge repayment demands. We can also provide an ironclad defense if an MCA company tries suing your business for nonpayment.

Why Business Owners Choose Us

Arlington business owners choose to work with us because we make the process of getting debt relief simple and provide unmatched legal protections.Some key reasons over 1,200 business owners have selected our service include:

We Save You Money

  • Negotiate debts down by 50% or more
  • Stop expensive daily MCA payments
  • Prevent costly lawsuits and judgments

We Defend Your Rights

  • Fight back against abusive collections
  • Challenge unfair MCA contract terms
  • Put an end to harassing calls and threats

We Restore Your Credit

  • Repair business credit reports
  • Remove late payments and collections
  • Rebuild so you qualify for fair loans

We Support Your Success

  • Ongoing accounting, tax, and advisory services
  • Custom profit planning and management tools
  • Guidance to help your business thrive long-term

How Our Debt Relief Program Works

We designed our small business debt relief process to be as quick and hassle-free as possible. It works like this:

1. Free Consultation – First, we set up a free call with one of our experts to discuss your unique situation, answer all your questions, and explain how we can help in detail.

2. Intake & Analysis – Next, we gather information on all your business debts, creditors, revenues, expenses, assets, and other key financial data. Then we perform an in-depth analysis to develop a customized action plan.

3. Negotiations & Settlements – We contact each of your creditors and leverage our expertise to negotiate reduced payoff amounts. Most debts settle for 50 cents or less on the dollar.

4. Document Final Agreements – We draw up binding legal agreements with each creditor locking in discounted payoff amounts and payment plans. This protects you from any changes down the road.

5. Ongoing Support – After settling your debts, we provide continuing services like accounting, tax preparation, business plan creation, and coaching so you can avoid future issues.The process is very hands-off for business owners. You can relax knowing our team handles everything from start to finish.

Addressing Common Client Concerns

Over the years, Arlington business owners have shared some common questions and concerns when considering working with our company. We want to provide complete transparency and address those topics here.

Over the years, Arlington business owners have shared some common questions and concerns when considering working with our company. We want to provide complete transparency and address those topics here.

Are there upfront fees? No. We only collect our nominal service fee after successfully reducing your debts. If we don’t save you money, you pay nothing.

Do I have to close my business? Absolutely not! In fact, our goal is to help struggling businesses recover and succeed long-term.

Will creditors refuse to negotiate? Creditors almost always accept reasonable negotiation offers to avoid losing money through bankruptcy court or other means. Our experts know how to craft deals creditors will consent to.

How long does the process take? We typically resolve most debts within 90-120 days. However, the timeline can vary based on the number of creditors, how quickly they respond to offers, and other factors.

Can my creditors still sue me? Yes, it’s possible for creditors to file lawsuits before we finalize settlements. However, our legal team can quickly get those matters dismissed or resolved once affordable deals are reached.

Will debt relief hurt my credit? Settling debt for less than the full amount can negatively impact business credit scores in some cases. However, those effects are temporary. And our credit repair services help business owners rebuild relatively quickly.

Contact Our Team for a Free Consultation

If crushing business debt has you worried about the future of your Arlington company, please get in touch for fast, compassionate support.Our experts will review your situation, explain your options, and answer all your questions at absolutely no cost. It only takes minutes to get pointed in the right direction and feeling more positive about what lies ahead.Call us at 212-210-1851 or reach out online to set up your free debt relief consultation today.

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