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Need an SEO Company that WORKS?

We are a SEO agency that helps firms generate new leads, and new cases, from search engines and digital sources. We focus on tangible and sustainable strategies rooted in quality. Today’s dense market, requires your firm to be on page 1 of search engines for terms your prospective clients are typing in. Quite literally, you are leaving money on the table – by not being on page 1. If your company is like most small, and medium, sized companies – then the majority of your business is based on referrals (one form or another). Did you know, that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people looking to hire an attorney in your area online? How will you get to them? This is what we help you answer! Unlike other SEO companies, we focus on revenue, not fluff.

Our process when signing up new clients

We begin the process by conducting an evaluation of your firm’s goals, and who your ideal client is. After finding out the type of cases your firm wants to generate, we conduct a research campaign on the keywords that get the most traffic + are most relevant to the type of client you want. The keywords we select, are keywords that have measurable traffic, and thus will result in measurable lead flow. There’s no point in ranking for phrases no one is typing. The only way to make SEO work for you, is to rank for keywords that people are actually typing.

  • SEO Audit

    During this phase we conduct an initial SEO audit. We’ll take a look at your competitors – in addition to identifying trends in your SEO rankings – and what caused those ranking drops/increases. We highlight what strategies work, how to leverage marketing tactics to improve your overall rankings.

  • Navigability

    Our SEO firm determines which keywords you should be ranking for, based on the types of cases you want. We evaluate competitors who are ranking for those keywords, and what are best practices we can also implement on your campaign.

  • Content

    Using the info gathered from doing keyword research, initial SEO audits, and all other diagnostic information – we send you a proposal. Our proposal discusses what we’ll do for you, how we’ll do it – and when to expect it done on a monthly basis.

  • Backlinks

    After you’ve reviewed our proposal, one of our SEO experts will typically schedule a phone call in order to answer questions. Clients typically discuss our approach, and ask for references during this phase. We are very open to sharing any, and all, information necessary to help you trust us.