Atlanta Business Debt Settlement and Merchant Cash Advance Lawyers

Atlanta Business Debt Settlement and Merchant Cash Advance Lawyers

If you run a small business in Atlanta and are struggling with debt, you may be wondering if there are lawyers who can help. At our firm, we have attorneys who specialize in business debt settlement and negotiating merchant cash advances.
Now I know what you might be thinking – “Aren’t lawyers expensive?” Well, sure, some of them definitely are. But the cool thing about how we do business here is that the attorneys are part of our full-service program. So when you sign up with us to settle your business debts or restructure your merchant cash advance agreement, you get access to the legal help at no additional cost. Pretty sweet deal if ya ask me!

How Can Business Debt Settlement Lawyers Help?

Let’s break this down a bit so it’s easier to digest. Say your small business in Atlanta took out some loans or racked up debt on business credit cards over the past few years. But now, for whatever reason, your revenue is down and you’re struggling to keep up with the monthly payments.
This is where our business debt settlement attorneys can help. They can negotiate directly with your creditors or debt collectors to try to reduce the amount you owe. The goal is to agree on a lump-sum settlement that’s less than the full balance.

For example, if you owe $100,000 across various business debts, the attorneys may be able to negotiate settlements of $60,000 or $70,000 to resolve all of it. That‘s real money back in your pocket!

Now you might be wondering if settling debt can impact your business’s credit score or ability to get financing in the future. And the answer is yes, it can have an effect. But our legal team is very strategic about which debts they negotiate and how everything is structured.

The goal is to relieve the financial pressure on your business now while setting you up to rebuild and bounce back stronger than ever. It’s all about the long play 

Merchant Cash Advance Lawyers – What’s Their Deal?

Okay, so that covers business debt settlement. But what if your issue isn‘t with loans or credit cards, but rather a merchant cash advance agreement gone bad? Don‘t worry, our business attorneys can definitely assist with those situations too.

Here’s the skinny on merchant cash advances (MCAs)…

They seem like an easy way to get quick financing for your business when cash is tight. The provider gives you a lump sum up front, and then takes a percentage of your future credit card sales until the balance has been repaid (plus fees/interest).
But MCAs often come with super high interest rates and aggressive repayment terms that can overwhelm small businesses. And some providers use shady tactics, like modifying the agreement without permission or misrepresenting the terms.

This is where our merchant cash advance lawyers can help! They review the agreement to spot any violations or loopholes. Then they negotiate with the provider on your behalf to:

  • Lower the repayment percentage rate
  • Extend the repayment term
  • Waive any illegal fees
  • And even reduce the total balance in some cases!

The goal is to reshape the agreement into something more reasonable and sustainable for your business. And having the attorneys involved usually motivates the MCA provider to play ball. 😁

Why Work With Us?

At this point, you may be convinced that having lawyers on your side could be helpful. But you likely have other options to choose from – so why work with us?

A few key reasons:

1. We’re local to Atlanta. Our attorneys and staff are based right here in the city and specialize in Georgia small business law. So you get advisors who truly understand the local business landscape and legal system.

2. We have experience. We’ve negotiated hundreds of business debt settlements and merchant cash advance agreements over the years. And our attorneys have great working relationships with many major banks, creditors and MCA providers. So we know what strategies work to get optimal results.

3. It just works. Our step-by-step debt relief process and cash advance “restructuring” program get results quickly and efficiently. And with attorneys handling the negotiations, terms are legally solid.

4. We’re affordable. As I mentioned earlier, there are no extra fees for working with our legal team. Their services are included as part of our comprehensive debt relief and cash advance optimization programs.

This combination of local expertise, negotiating leverage, efficient systems and included legal support is truly unique. And it’s allowed us to help dozens of small business clients find financial freedom right here in Atlanta.

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