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If you run a small business in Aurora and have merchant cash advance (MCA) debt, you may be struggling under the weight of high payments and fees. Delancey Street has a team of attorneys who can provide customized debt relief plans to help business owners regain financial stability.

How We Can Help With Aurora MCA Debt

Our dedicated legal team has experience defending business owners against predatory MCA companies. We fight to have unfair contracts invalidated and get debts reduced or dismissed. Services we provide include:

  • Legal Review – We thoroughly analyze MCA contracts to spot unlawful terms and conditions that may provide a basis for legal action.
  • Negotiation – Our lawyers negotiate with MCA companies on your behalf to try and get debts reduced or dismissed.
  • Litigation – If negotiation fails, we have the expertise to take legal action against MCA companies for violations.

We take an empathetic approach and understand this is an incredibly stressful situation. Our goal is to provide effective legal solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Common MCA Company Abuses

Merchant cash advance loans seem straightforward at first. An MCA company provides a business owner with a lump sum of capital in exchange for a fixed percentage of future credit card sales.However, many MCA contracts exploit small businesses through predatory terms like:

  • Excessively high interest rates exceeding 100%+ APR
  • Misrepresenting the true cost by hiding fees
  • Requiring daily repayments regardless of sales
  • Imposing extreme penalties for even slight payment delays

This business financing can quickly become catastrophic for companies. Our Aurora attorneys have seen too many examples of MCA debt triggering bankruptcy, loss of collateral, and destroyed credit.

Invalidating Unlawful MCA Agreements

Fortunately, many MCA contracts violate Colorado lending laws around disclosure and percentages charged. Our lawyers leverage these violations as a basis for legal action.Potential defenses we may use include:

  • Unconscionability – MCA terms so unfair no reasonable person would agree to them.
  • Usury violations – Interest rates and fees exceed state maximums.
  • Deceptive trade practices – Misrepresenting or hiding the true cost of financing.
  • Breach of contract – MCA company not upholding contractual terms.

If we can prove unlawful conduct, it may be possible to get the agreement invalidated and debt dismissed. Even without definitive violations, we negotiate aggressively with leverage on your side.

Customized Debt Relief for Your Situation

Every small business and MCA experience is unique. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our Aurora attorneys take time to understand your financing agreement, business, and goals.We then put together a customized legal strategy that may incorporate:

  • Litigation – Taking legal action if there are clear violations of lending laws.
  • Settlement agreements – Structured payment plans to resolve debts.
  • Contract renegotiation – Getting unfair terms removed from contracts.
  • Debt consolidation – Combining multiple debts into one manageable payment.
  • Bankruptcy – Using Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 to eliminate qualifying debt.

Regardless of which approach we recommend, our priority is helping you regain financial stability.

Why Work With Delancey Street

Delancey Street provides small business owners with an experienced legal team and hands-on support. Benefits of partnering with us include:

  • No-risk consultations – Free case reviews and advice. No commitments.
  • Personal attention – We assign you an attorney and case manager for individualized attention.
  • Full-service debt relief – We negotiate debts AND provide long-term advice.
  • Affordable assistance – Competitive, transparent pricing. Contingency options available.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our Aurora attorneys to discuss your situation completely free of charge. Call us at 212-210-1851 to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to hire an attorney to deal with MCA debt? You can try negotiating with MCA companies yourself but having legal counsel vastly improves results. Violations are complex and lenders often use intimidation tactics. Our lawyers level the playing field.

What violations should I look for in my MCA contract? Common violations include overly high interest rates, misrepresenting costs, requiring payments when closed, and unreasonable default terms. Our attorneys identify issues specific to your agreement during consultation.

If my contract violated lending laws, does that eliminate what I owe? Not necessarily. Proving unlawful practices does give us leverage to get debts reduced or dismissed entirely through settlement negotiations or litigation. The approach depends on your situation.

How long does your debt relief process take? The timeline varies based on factors like how reasonable the MCA company is and whether litigation proves necessary. Most cases reach resolution in 6-12 months. We provide updates every step of the way.

Why are MCA rates so high if they violate lending laws? Many MCA companies exploit legal gray areas and rely on intimidation tactics. They often target small business owners unaware of lending regulations and debt relief options. Our lawyers are here to advise you of your rights.

What happens if I just stop making MCA payments? Failing to pay usually triggers exponential late fees, hits to your credit, debt collection harassment, and potential lawsuits. We recommend seeking legal counsel before taking actions that could worsen consequences.

Can you help if my assets are at risk from MCA debt? Yes. If an MCA company threatens to seize assets or collateral, we can provide emergency legal assistance. Our first priority is always preventing further financial damage.

What type of litigation do you pursue against MCA companies? If negotiations fail, our most common litigation strategies involve claims of unconscionability, usury violations, and deceptive trade practices. We may also sue for breach of contract if the MCA company violates terms.

Is it possible for an MCA company to garnish my wages? In some cases, yes. MCA companies can obtain court judgments against borrowers that enable them to garnish wages. Our attorneys work to prevent any judgments that could lead to further financial consequences.

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