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If you run a small business in Chesapeake and you’re struggling with debt, you’re not alone. Many business owners have found themselves falling behind on payments or facing aggressive collection tactics from creditors like merchant cash advance (MCA) companies. The good news is that experienced Chesapeake MCA defense lawyers can help provide meaningful debt relief.

How We Can Help With Business Debt Settlement

Our dedicated team of attorneys and financial experts at Delancey Street has extensive experience helping business owners settle their debts and restructure or reduce payments to affordable levels. We take an individualized approach to each client, thoroughly analyzing your situation to map out customized debt relief solutions.Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Negotiating discounted lump-sum settlements with creditors
  • Working out payment plans or reductions with creditors
  • Helping restructure or consolidate high-interest debts
  • Defending against aggressive collections lawsuits
  • Stopping harmful creditor actions like bank levies or wage garnishments
  • Analyzing options for bankruptcy if appropriate

Our business debt settlement services aim to provide a lifeline to struggling companies by making debts more manageable. And we back these efforts with the legal expertise to stand up to intimidating creditors like MCAs.

Why Work With Our Chesapeake MCA Defense Lawyers

What sets Delancey Street apart is our hands-on, client-focused approach to debt relief. When you become a client, we assign an expert MCA defense lawyer and financial specialist to personally handle your case and answer your questions.We move swiftly to stop collections harassment and then thoroughly analyze your situation to map out sound debt relief solutions. Our team handles all negotiations with your creditors directly so you can focus on operating your business.On top of expert legal defense against aggressive MCA tactics, we also provide:

  • Ongoing case monitoring and updates
  • Proactive financial planning guidance
  • Help improving business financial practices

Our Chesapeake business attorneys and financial experts work as a dedicated team with the sole focus of securing your financial freedom from crippling business debt.

Defending Against Aggressive MCA Tactics

Merchant cash advance loans are often touted as easy but they come at an incredibly high cost. MCA companies charge exorbitant interest rates and use deceptive tactics to maximize their profits. For example:

  • Impossibly high interest rates often exceeding 100%+ APR
  • Misrepresenting repayment terms and withholding key loan details
  • Structuring payments to never reduce principal balances
  • Charging expensive penalties for even slight payment delays
  • Using strongarm tactics like threats of criminal action

When you fall behind on MCA loan payments, companies ramp up aggressive collections efforts that deeply harm struggling businesses:

  • Barraging owners with calls at all hours demanding payment
  • Threatening business reputation and creditworthiness
  • Freezing bank accounts and garnishing wages
  • Filing lawsuits without attempting any good faith resolution
  • Forcing businesses into bankruptcy to claim assets

Our Chesapeake MCA defense lawyers have extensive experience countering these predatory lending tactics. We fight back against harassment while negotiating better repayment terms so you can move forward.

Business Debt Relief Case Examples

To give you a better idea of how we help clients, here are some examples of our business debt settlement successes:

Restaurant Debt Negotiation

  • Client was struggling with $115k in high-interest MCA loans and credit cards
  • Creditors refused payment plans and pressed for liquidation
  • We negotiated discounted lump-sum settlements of $73k

Local Retail Store Debt Restructuring

  • Client faced multiple lawsuits over $270k in defaulted MCA loans
  • Lawsuits threatened to seize business assets and owner’s home
  • We secured dismissal of all lawsuits and restructured debts over 5 years

Machine Shop MCA Defense

  • Client received threatening calls from MCA demanding full $480k balance
  • MCA obtained court order to seize assets and freeze bank accounts
  • Our lawyers successfully defended against seizure and negotiated affordable monthly payments

The common thread is our ability to provide meaningful relief against the most aggressive creditors so you can rebuild and move forward.

What Makes Us Different

Delancey Street provides a unique blend of expert legal help and financial guidance. Our experienced team works proactively to improve every aspect of your financial situation, not just debt relief.We take an honest, judgment-free approach focused on moving you towards financial stability, rather than profiting from prolonging issues. And we back our efforts with the legal expertise to stand up for your rights.Some of the key ways we differentiate ourselves include:

  • Assigning dedicated experts who contact you promptly
  • Customizing solutions based on your needs
  • Handling all negotiations so you can focus on your business
  • Providing ongoing case monitoring and advice
  • Helping improve business financial practices
  • Offering judgment-free support and guidance

Our ultimate goal is to secure your financial freedom so you can stop worrying and get back to profitability.

Contact Our Chesapeake Business Debt Relief Lawyers

If your Chesapeake business is struggling with overwhelming debt from an MCA or other creditors, contact our experts for help. Call us at 212-210-1851 or reach out online for a free consultation. Our team is standing by to help you regain financial stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly can you stop collections harassment from my creditors? We make it an urgent priority to stop harmful creditor actions as fast as possible. Typically within days of becoming your counsel, we send legal notices informing them they must cease all direct contact and work through us instead. This gives you breathing room while we analyze and negotiate solutions.

Q: Can you help my business if I owe back taxes or have tax liens? Yes, resolving IRS tax debt is another area our lawyers can advise on. We help negotiate settlements through “offer in compromise” and assist with setting up affordable installment plans. We also defend against aggressive IRS collection tactics like asset seizures or bank levies.

Q: What options are there if I just can’t afford monthly payments right now? If your business simply lacks the cash flow to afford debt payments, bankruptcy may be an option worth exploring. Our lawyers advise on debt restructuring through Chapter 11 plans. In some cases, Chapter 7 liquidation that discharges debts entirely makes sense. We provide impartial advice based on your situation.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just try negotiating with creditors myself? MCAs and other creditors have teams of ruthless lawyers and collectors who know how to maximize profits. They will use threats and legal actions to pressure you into accepting unreasonable repayment terms.Let our seasoned business debt attorneys handle negotiations so you don’t have to face this alone. We know how to stand up to intimidation tactics while securing relief.

Q: How can you help improve my business financial practices long-term? Getting out of debt is one thing but staying out is just as important. Our financial specialists provide proactive guidance to help get your business on sound financial footing, like advising on:

  • Building emergency savings funds
  • Better managing operating expenses
  • Securing affordable business financing
  • Improving invoicing and collections
  • Tax planning

We take a judgment-free, supportive approach focused on your financial freedom.

In Conclusion

Dealing with overwhelming business debt from MCA loans or other creditors can feel demoralizing and terrifying. But our caring team of Chesapeake MCA defense lawyers and financial experts can help guide you towards financial stability.We offer judgment-free support, stand up to intimidation tactics, negotiate debt relief, and provide ongoing guidance. Don’t face creditor harassment alone – contact us today to discuss how we can help your business regain financial freedom.

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