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If you run a small business in Detroit, chances are you’ve taken out a merchant cash advance (MCA) or some other form of alternative business financing to help cover costs. But when business slows down, those high interest payments can quickly become overwhelming. That’s where we can help.We are not a law firm, but we work with experienced attorneys as part of our comprehensive debt relief services. We take an empathetic, human approach to helping business owners get out from under crushing debt. Our goal is to help you restore your financial health so you can get back to focusing on your business.

How We Can Help

Our dedicated debt experts will thoroughly analyze your business finances to gain a clear understanding of your situation. We’ll look at your revenue streams, expenses, assets, liabilities, contracts, and any other factors impacting your debt.Armed with this information, we’ll strategize the best path forward. This may involve negotiating with creditors for better repayment terms, settling debts for less than you owe, or even defending against lawsuits if lenders take legal action.Our attorneys can help craft strong legal arguments if you face litigation over unpaid debts. They understand merchant cash advance agreements inside and out and know where to pressure MCA companies. We aim to get lawsuits dismissed, buy you time, or reach settlements so you can move forward.Throughout the process, you‘ll have a dedicated point person guiding you each step of the way. We know how stressful and confusing this can be, which is why communication and compassion are core parts of our client care.

Why Work With Us

What sets us apart is our holistic approach to debt relief. We don’t just negotiate with your creditors then leave you hanging. We provide ongoing advice and support so you can achieve lasting financial stability.

We Go Beyond Debt Settlement

In addition to settling your current debts, we take preventative measures so you don’t end up in this situation again:

  • Review your capital structure and cash flow to identify weaknesses
  • Suggest ways to improve financial management
  • Advise on accounting, forecasting, budgeting, and investing profits back into your business
  • Consult on growth strategies to boost revenue

We Defend Against Lawsuits

If MCAs or other lenders sue you over unpaid debts, our lawyers can represent you. We fight back against predatory contract terms and interest rates.

We Have a Proven Track Record

Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped over 500 Detroit business owners settle millions in commercial debt. We know what works and have cultivated relationships with major banks, MCAs, and other lenders to facilitate negotiations.

We Customize Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to debt relief. Based on your unique situation, we put together a tailored game plan to provide the most financial benefit.

We Offer Flat-Fee Pricing

You pay one fixed, upfront fee. There are no surprises or hidden costs down the road. This fee depends on the complexity of your case but is based on realistic outcomes – not false promises.

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

We have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Check out our reviews and you‘ll see firsthand how we’ve helped business owners in situations similar to yours. We’re transparent about both our capabilities and limitations.

First Steps to Freedom

If you’re struggling with overwhelming business debt, the first step is to have a free consultation with one of our experts. They‘ll review your financials, discuss options, and map out a plan to help you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.You can relax knowing you have an experienced team fighting on your behalf so you can focus on running your Detroit business.To schedule a free consultation, call us at 212-210-1851 or visit our website:​We offer flexible payment plans and structured settlements to ease the financial burden. This difficult situation does not have to define your business’s future. We’re here to help you move forward on steady footing.

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