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MCA Defense Lawyers Provide Expert Guidance on Business Debt Relief

Getting behind on business debts can feel overwhelming and scary. As a small business owner struggling with merchant cash advance (MCA) repayment, you may be searching for solutions and support. Working with an experienced MCA defense lawyer can help provide clarity and advice during this challenging time.

Understanding MCAs and Your Repayment Obligations

Merchant cash advances allow businesses to receive an upfront lump sum of capital in exchange for a percentage of future sales. While this influx of cash may initially seem like the solution to cash flow issues, MCAs come with high fees and daily repayments that can quickly become unmanageable.If you find yourself falling behind on MCA payments, it is critical to act quickly. MCA lenders may engage in aggressive collection tactics, like attempting to freeze bank accounts or even sue for breach of contract.An MCA defense lawyer can help you understand the full scope of repayment obligations within your MCA agreement. They can also advise if any improper lending practices occurred that could provide defenses to repayment.

Evaluating All Options for Business Debt Relief

Falling behind on payments is stressful, but viable solutions exist. An experienced business debt relief attorney can explore all potential options to find the best path forward for your unique situation.Below are a few examples of potential debt relief strategies:

  • Payment Plans – Your lawyer can negotiate extended repayment plans or re-age programs to lower payments to affordable levels. This avoids default or further collection efforts.
  • Debt Consolidation – Consolidating MCA debts into a single, lower interest loan allows you to pay off debts under better terms.
  • Debt Settlement – Settling debts for less than owed, often through lump-sum settlements, eliminates balances without bankruptcy.
  • Bankruptcy – For overwhelming debts, Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 may fully discharge repayment obligations.

Your defense lawyer will determine if any of the above strategies, or other options, offer the right business debt relief solution for your situation.

Leveraging Legal Defenses Against Unfair Lending

Beyond pursuing debt relief, MCA defense lawyers also identify potential legal arguments related to improper lending practices. State laws have begun imposing stricter regulations around merchant cash advance products to prevent predatory behavior.If lenders violate responsible lending laws related to usury caps, fee disclosures or other unfair practices, those offenses may provide leverage in legal negotiations. Your MCA defense lawyer can use those violations to pressure better settlement offers or even launch affirmative lawsuits against the lenders themselves for damages.

Selecting the Right MCA Defense Attorney

With so much at stake for your business, partnering with the right legal advisor makes all the difference. When researching defense lawyers, prioritize these factors:

  • Industry Experience – Seek attorneys well-versed in MCA and alternative lending products specifically. They will best understand the landscape and complex contracts involved.
  • Debt Relief Knowledge – Understand all options attorneys may leverage to secure relief, such as debt negotiation, consolidation, and bankruptcy laws.
  • Litigation Skills – In case settlement talks fail and lawsuits emerge, ensure your lawyer has courtroom experience battling lenders.

Vet potential counsel carefully based on expertise around MCA laws and proven debt settlement results for other small business clients.

How Delancey Street’s MCA Defense Lawyers Can Help

Delancey Street maintains relationships with top MCA defense lawyers nationwide. Our dedicated team focuses specifically on small business lending cases like yours.We never charge any upfront fees. Instead, our pay structure aligns our compensation to the savings secured for your business. This motivates maximum debt relief.Our MCA defense lawyers offer an initial free consultation to discuss your situation. We will conduct an in-depth review of your business finances to gain clarity on the full scope of debts owed. This allows us to provide specific advice tailored to your unique situation.

What to Expect During the Initial Consultation

The initial meeting allows our MCA defense team to better understand your objectives so we can build the right action plan.To make the most of the introductory call, come prepared to discuss:

  • Business & Borrowing History – We will review your operations, revenue streams, payroll, and other key financial background. Understanding cash flows allows us to assess realistic repayment abilities.
  • MCA Agreement Terms – Provide details on advance amounts, payback amounts, repayment schedules, fees, and other contract stipulations. This identifies potential areas to target for savings.
  • Communication Records – Supply all emails, texts, letters, and other exchanges with MCA lenders. We scan for errors, inconsistencies or violations to leverage.
  • Future Business Plans – Disclose any strategic changes, growth initiatives, or other factors that may impact future sales volume. These shape appropriate debt relief solutions.
  • Relief Objectives – Clarify top priorities, whether monthly payment reductions, interest savings, or full debt elimination.

With the above insights, our MCA defense lawyers craft customized action plans catered to your business needs and budget. We then execute negotiations and legal strategies to secure that relief.

FAQs About MCA Defense Lawyers

Small business owners often share common questions and concerns when seeking guidance around MCA debt relief. Below we address some frequently asked topics:How long does the debt relief process take?The timeline varies based on lenders and negotiation dynamics. However, many cases reach resolution in 90 to 180 days. We strive to secure relief ASAP to eliminate stress.What results have you achieved for other clients?Our track record includes both six and seven-figure debt reductions for small businesses. Past settlements eliminated 60% to 90% of balances owed. Each case differs, but dramatic savings are often feasible.What will debt relief allow me to achieve?Beyond just eliminating or reducing burdensome MCA payments, debt relief preserves cash flow for growth, hiring, marketing, or other investments. It provides an opportunity to reset finances.Can I still run my business during this process?Absolutely. We handle talks discreetly so daily operations see no disruptions while we negotiate behind the scenes. You focus on customers while we tackle lenders.What if legal action has already been taken against my business?Even amid lawsuits, viable options exist to mitigate damages or reverse course. Experienced litigators can often pause legal proceedings while seeking settlements. Don’t assume all is lost.What out-of-pocket costs might I incur?Our contingency-based fees means we only earn if we first save you money. Some minor administrative expenses may emerge for legal filings, but we avoid surprises via transparency.Please contact us today to explore how our seasoned MCA defense lawyers can help resolve your business debts. Our passion is freeing entrepreneurs from financial burdens so they can thrive once more. With customized legal strategies, dramatic relief is possible.



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