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MCA Defense Lawyers Provide Critical Business Debt Relief

Merchant cash advance (MCA) loans have become an increasingly popular way for small businesses to access quick capital. However, these loans also come with perilously high interest rates and aggressive collection tactics that can sink a struggling business. If your company faces legal action from an MCA lender, specialized legal defense is critical.

How MCA Loans Work

Merchant cash advance loans provide businesses with a lump sum of capital in exchange for a percentage of future credit card and debit card sales. Typically, an MCA company advances $5,000 to $500,000 based on a business‘s average monthly card revenue.

  • The business then repays the loan as a fixed percentage of daily credit card receipts, often 15-35%, until the full amount plus fees and interest have been paid.
  • There is no fixed repayment schedule. The loan is repaid more quickly when sales volumes are higher.
  • While MCAs carry technical rates often exceeding 100% APR when calculated as interest, MCA companies claim that because there is no set payback date, these are advances rather than loans subject to usury laws.

This structure allows young and struggling companies access to funds that a traditional bank would likely not approve. However, it also leads vulnerable businesses into predatory arrangements that can quickly spiral out of control.

The MCA Industry Uses Aggressive Tactics to Secure Repayment

While MCAs provide necessary access to capital, the industry is plagued by deceptive marketing and abusive collection practices:

  • MCA companies lure desperate businesses by advertising quick and easy money. But the true costs and risks of repayment terms are often obscured or downplayed.
  • Extremely high effective interest rates upwards of 200% APR are common but not clearly disclosed.
  • When a business starts to struggle, MCA collectors apply intense pressure to sign over more credit card receipts. If the business refuses, collectors threaten reputation-damaging legal action.
  • MCA contracts authorize debilitating penalties for even small payment delays, including immediate full repayment and high fees. Collectors leverage these provisions to seize assets and freeze bank accounts.

For a distressed business, these severe tactics can be catastrophic. Even a temporary disruption in cash flow triggers default clauses and lawsuits, further destabilizing operations.

Specialized Legal Defense Can Beat Back MCA Claims

Fighting an MCA lawsuit takes expert legal representation experienced in this unique and evolving area of commercial finance law. Delancey Street’s legal team helps business owners protect assets and avoid personal liability through proven defense strategies:

  • Invalidating Deceptive MCA Agreements – Courts across the country have found that MCA contracts constitute illegal, usurious loans masked as advances to skirt lending laws. This precedent can invalidate entire agreements.
  • Restricting Harassment and Intimidation – There are clear laws prohibiting abusive collection practices. We fight to restrict harassment and intimidation, protecting our clients’ interests.
  • Challenging Excessive Penalties and Fees – Even valid MCA arrangements can include unenforceable punitive terms not permitted under state laws. We leverage consumer protection statutes to relieve clients of unreasonable fees and interest.
  • Seeking Damages for Predatory Lending – In some cases, we pursue counterclaims against MCA lenders for deceptive marketing, fraud, and other illegal practices. Victims may secure financial judgements against them.
  • Negotiating Reduced Settlements – When appropriate, we negotiate reasonable settlements on behalf of our clients. This can eliminate lawsuits and ongoing collection harassment so businesses can return focus to operations.

Timing Is Critical – Consult Delancey Street’s Attorneys Immediately

MCA lenders move swiftly when payments lag, filing lawsuits and securing judgements in a matter of weeks. Without prompt legal defense, businesses lose all leverage to protect critical assets and avoid devastating rulings:

  • As soon as an MCA provider threatens litigation, we send formal demand letters advising them of our representation and requesting verification of the alleged debts. This puts them on notice that the business has counsel prepared to challenge their practices.
  • We quickly file court papers preserving defenses so businesses don’t automatically lose lawsuits in a default judgement. There are strict legal deadlines we must meet to ensure our clients’ rights remain intact.
  • In many cases, immediate temporary restraining orders are needed to prevent freezing essential operational bank accounts before the business collapses. We know which emergency filings to pursue to keep cash available.

Wasting time or trying to negotiate without experienced legal counsel often proves fatal. The MCA litigation machine is designed to steamroll unrepresented business owners who lack specialized defenses. Engaging Delancey Street immediately provides the best chance to restrain lender harassment and construct an airtight case. We level the playing field against MCA companies so you can focus on keeping your business afloat.

Our Attorneys Have Successfully Fought MCA Lender Abuses Across the Country

Delancey Street Firm has extensive experience constructing winning legal strategies on behalf of business clients pursued by predatory MCA lenders. We have repeatedly litigated and negotiated reduced judgements and settlements for companies across sectors and jurisdictions:Dismissal of Baseless $200,000 MCA Lawsuit Against Construction Contractor

Arizona dirt excavation contractor facing aggressive collections by MCA lender for alleged payment default. Counsel secured temporary restraining order to unfreeze bank account. Filed successful motion to dismiss arguing MCA agreement constituted unlawful usurious loan.

Restrictions Imposed on MCA Collections Against Restaurant Client

Bay Area soul food restaurant signed MCA under fraudulent representations. Attorney conducted discovery proving deception. Court imposed collections restrictions pending trial given extreme harassment of client. MCA agreed to settle with reduced buyout and no admission of wrongdoing. Restaurant still operating today.

Total Debt Relief Through Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Following MCA Default

Chicago landscaping contractor signed $75,000 MCA with 350% effective APR. Struggling to pay household expenses, business defaulted after several months. MCA lender won $140,000 judgement, freezing accounts. We filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, eliminating all dischargeable debts. Client kept home and vehicle.

$110,000 Judgement Against Top MCA Lender for Illegal Lending

Major MCA lender Advance Business Capital sued Missouri tech startup for $105,000 default judgement. We filed counterclaims challenging violations of state lending laws. Court ruled Advance’s practices fraudulent, awarding client $110,000 plus attorneys’ fees.

The Delancey Street Firm knows how to build winning legal strategies against MCA lenders. Our track record proves we can construct individualized cases optimized to your unique situation. Don’t wait to engage counsel – contact our experts 24/7 for a free consultation. The sooner we can restrain collections, the more leverage we have to reduce or eliminate your debts. With tailored representation, you can focus on keeping your business alive.

FAQs – MCA Defense Lawyers

What are the first steps I should take if an MCA lender threatens to sue my business?

  • Immediately contact qualified legal counsel with experience fighting MCA claims. The faster you engage a lawyer, the more options are available to protect critical assets.
  • Gather all documentation and correspondence related to the MCA agreement and subsequent collections communications. Your attorney needs these records to analyze the claim.
  • Change passwords and freeze assets vulnerable to seizure attempts. MCA default judgements often allow lenders to freeze accounts and garnish wages without warning. Removing access protects your funds while your lawyer challenges their actions.

Should I just pay the settlement the MCA lender is demanding?

  • No – MCA lenders frequently pressure struggling businesses to sign new agreements with even more egregious terms. They leverage intimidation and legal threats extract greater concessions.
  • An experienced attorney can often negotiate much more favorable settlements after restraining collections pressure. We also explore bankruptcy discharge or other options potentially eliminating debts outright.






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