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MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Settlement

Merchant cash advance (MCA) loans have become an increasingly popular way for small businesses to access quick financing. However, some MCA lenders engage in predatory practices that can leave business owners saddled with crushing debt. If you find yourself facing aggressive collections or even threats of criminal charges from an MCA lender, working with an experienced defense lawyer can help protect your rights.

How MCA Loans Work

A merchant cash advance functions similarly to a business cash advance or business loan, with some key differences:

  • The MCA provider purchases a percentage of the business’s future credit card sales, rather than lending a flat amount.
  • There is no set repayment schedule. The business makes payments as a percentage of daily credit card sales until the full amount plus fees is repaid.
  • Approval is quicker and qualification requirements are less strict compared to traditional SBA loans or bank financing.

This structure allows small businesses to access funds more easily. However, it also comes with risks:

  • Extremely high effective interest rates often exceeding 100% APR.
  • Daily repayments that quickly become unmanageable if sales drop.
  • Abusive collection tactics by some MCA providers.

Common MCA Abuses Facing Small Businesses

While MCA loans provide needed access to capital, some lenders exploit business owners through deceptive marketing, contract terms that border on predatory, and aggressive collections that allege criminal conduct. Some common issues include:

Deceptive Marketing

  • Advertising no credit checks or guarantees of approval, then adding terms later.
  • Presenting the money as a purchase of future sales rather than a loan with interest charges.

Predatory Contract Terms

  • Extremely high effective interest rates.
  • Allowing the lender to access the business’s bank accounts directly.
  • Requiring all disputes go to arbitration rather than court.

Abusive Collections

  • Harassing the business owner at their home and workplace.
  • Threatening business owners with criminal charges for not paying.
  • Refusing to work with owners that are facing financial hardship.

MCA Defense Lawyers Can Challenge Unfair Lending Practices

If you are facing aggressive MCA collections or threats, contacting an experienced business lawyer can help protect your rights. A qualified attorney can:

Review the MCA Agreement for Unconscionable Terms

  • Unconscionable contract clauses that unreasonably favor one party over another can often be challenged in court. An attorney can determine if your agreement contains elements that may be considered unconscionable under your state’s contract law.

Dispute Fraudulent or Predatory Lending Allegations

  • Lenders may accuse business owners of fraud if they fall behind on payments. Your lawyer can dispute these allegations and demand proof you intentionally deceived the lender.

Challenge Abusive Collections Activities

  • State and federal law prohibits unreasonable collections conduct, including repetitive calls to your home and business, threats of criminal charges, and contacting third parties about your debt. An attorney can ensure collections agencies adhere to legal limitations.

Advocate for Better Repayment Terms

  • If payments become unmanageable due to circumstances beyond your control, a lawyer can negotiate alternate repayment plans based on what you can realistically afford. This may include lower payments, forbearance periods, or altering the payment structure.

Explore Debt Relief Options If Payments Are Impossible

  • If the debt burden becomes severely unmanageable, exploring options like debt settlement or bankruptcy may be necessary. An experienced legal team guides you through the process to seek protection while limiting further business disruptions.

What to Expect Working with an MCA Defense Law Firm

Reputable MCA defense lawyers offer tailored solutions to address your unique situation. While each case is different, you generally can expect:

Free Consultation

We will conduct an in-depth review of your business finances to gain clarity on the full scope of debts owed. This allows us to provide specific advice tailored to your unique situation.

Case Review and Analysis

Our legal team analyzes the specifics of your MCA agreement and the lender’s conduct, then explains your options and legal rights in plain language. We identify potential defenses and build a strategic plan around your goals.

Demand Letters and Negotiations

Once we have a firm grasp on the case details, we reach out directly to MCA lenders and collectors to resolve issues. This may include disputing fraudulent allegations, negotiating alternate repayment plans, or asserting defenses.

Court Representation If Necessary

If disputes cannot get resolved directly with the MCA provider, we will represent your interests in court. Our lawyers are experienced business litigators prepared to challenge predatory contract terms and abusive collection tactics.

Debt Relief Evaluation If Repayment Is Impossible

If court challenges ultimately fail and the debt burden remains unmanageable, we present you with debt settlement or bankruptcy alternatives. These options come with long term consequences, so we avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

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