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If you own a small business in Mesa, Arizona and have merchant cash advance (MCA) debt or other business loans you are struggling to pay back, you may be feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to turn. Well, take a deep breath because help is available. There are options like debt settlement that can help relieve some of the pressure and get you back on stable financial ground.

How Debt Settlement Works

The basic idea behind debt settlement is that a company like ours negotiates with your creditors and collection agencies to reduce the amount you owe. We have experienced attorneys and financial experts on staff who know all the ins and outs of dealing with business debt. When we take on your case, we thoroughly review your accounts, then contact your creditors and collection agencies to negotiate settlements for less than what you currently owe.It usually takes around 24-48 months to settle all of your debts. During the program, instead of paying your creditors, you make affordable monthly payments into a secured special purpose account. Once enough funds accumulate to reach settlement offers, we pay your creditors. Upon settlement, your accounts are considered satisfied and closed.Debt settlement helps because it:

  • Reduces balances owed – Creditors often settle for less, sometimes as low as 30-50% of what you owe when they see you’ve fallen behind and have limited ability to pay in full
  • Consolidates debts – By making one monthly payment to us instead of many payments to different creditors, it simplifies repayment
  • Helps avoid bankruptcy – Settling debt is often a better solution than filing bankruptcy if you wish to avoid damaging your business credit rating long-term
  • Stops collections calls and lawsuits – We deal directly with creditors and collectors to resolve debts and halt unwanted calls or legal actions

Why Work With Attorneys

While debt settlement companies provide a valuable service helping businesses repay debt, having attorneys involved provides extra protections and benefits you won’t find elsewhere. Our team of business finance attorneys assist with the debt settlement process by:

  • Reviewing account documents thoroughly – Attorneys spot issues others may miss when auditing business agreements, statements, and terms with creditors to build the strongest case possible for settlement
  • Drafting powerful negotiation letters – Legally-reviewed and attorney-signed letters carry more weight, leading to better settlement offers from creditors
  • Ensuring FDCPA compliance – Attorneys ensure debt collectors follow fair practices, protecting business owners rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Advising on bankruptcy – If settlements fall through, attorneys can provide guidance on business bankruptcy, outlining the pros/cons of different chapters to file under

Having attorneys as part of the debt settlement process means you get the financial relief you need as a small business owner along with the added legal expertise and protection working with lawyers provides.

Why Delancey Street

If you have merchant cash advance debt or other business loans burdening your Mesa company, Delancey Street has the team to help get your finances back on track. We are not a law firm ourselves but work closely with external attorneys as part of our business debt relief process.What makes us different than many other debt settlement providers is we take an extremely hands-on, customized approach with every client. When you sign up, we assign an Account Manager who oversees your case from start to finish. They thoroughly analyze your situation, build a customized debt relief plan, then negotiate with your creditors until all accounts get resolved. Having a dedicated expert guiding you through the process makes things smoother and less stressful.

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