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MCA Defense Lawyers Provide Expert Guidance on Business Debt Relief

Getting behind on business debts can feel overwhelming and scary. Between merchant cash advances (MCAs), loans, lines of credit, and other financial obligations, it‘s easy for companies to accumulate more debt than they can reasonably manage. If you‘re struggling under the weight of business debt, know that you have options – and the expert MCA defense lawyers at Delancey Street are here to help.

How We Can Help With Your Business Debt Crisis

Our legal team has extensive experience dealing with all manner of business debt, from simple bank loans to complex MCA agreements. We’ve successfully defended and resolved legal disputes for companies of all sizes. Our MCA defense lawyers can provide tailored advice and representation to fit your unique situation.

Here are some of the ways we can help if you’re facing business debt troubles:

  • Strategic Consultation – We’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your finances to gain clarity on all debts owed. This allows us to make specific recommendations tailored to your situation.
  • Debt Negotiation – We can negotiate with your creditors and investors to try to reduce balances owed or improve repayment terms.
  • Litigation Defense – If legal action is taken against your business over unpaid debts, our lawyers can defend you in court.
  • Settlements – We have a strong track record of resolving business debt lawsuits through favorable settlements. This allows you to repay less than you owe and avoid prolonged legal battles.
  • Bankruptcy Evaluation – While bankruptcy should be a last resort, we can objectively assess if it makes strategic sense for your situation. If so, we can expertly guide you through the process.

The bottom line? You don‘t have to tackle overwhelming business debt alone. Our MCA defense lawyers have helped many companies effectively resolve debt crises while protecting their interests. We offer empathetic guidance rooted in practical legal experience.

Why Merchant Cash Advance Agreements Can Be Risky

Many businesses turn to alternative funding sources like merchant cash advances (MCAs) because they provide quick access to capital. However, the terms of MCA agreements can also create financial risk.

How MCAs Work

With a merchant cash advance, a company receives an upfront lump sum payment in exchange for a percentage of future sales. The MCA provider collects this “percentage of receivables” daily until the initial advance has been repaid – plus fees and interest.

Where Things Often Go Wrong

While this type of financing can work well in some situations, there are a few common ways MCA deals can go awry:

  • Overestimation of revenue – If sales forecasts are too optimistic, keeping up with daily payments becomes difficult.
  • Confusion over terms – Some companies don’t fully understand complex MCA agreement terms until issues arise later on.
  • Changes in business conditions – An unexpected dip in sales or profits can instantly turn an MCA deal problematic.
  • Predatory behavior – There have been cases of MCA providers using manipulative tactics to seize assets or force repayment on unfavorable terms.

Essentially, MCA agreements can quickly snowball out of control if a business‘s financial situation declines. The daily repayment structure offers little flexibility, and providers can resort to aggressive collections tactics.

MCA Legal Disputes and Collections: What Are Your Options?

So what can you do if your business runs into issues repaying an MCA agreement? Especially if the provider responds aggressively with threats or legal action right away?You have more options than you might think. With the help of experienced MCA defense lawyers, many companies in similar situations have successfully:

  • Renegotiated agreement terms – If certain aspects of the MCA contract seem unreasonable or predatory, we may be able to compel the provider to come back to the table and work out more favorable terms.
  • Settled for less than the full balance – We can negotiate settlements that reduce the total repayment amount to a number we can realistically afford. This is often preferable for providers rather than engaging in lengthy court battles.
  • Invalidated the agreement altogether – In some cases, aspects of the MCA contract may be unlawful or unenforceable. If so, we can potentially get the agreement invalidated so that further collections are prohibited.
  • Halted asset seizures – If an MCA provider attempts to seize assets or freeze bank accounts unlawfully, we can respond quickly to halt such actions and protect your property.
  • Sued for damages – If the provider’s practices have been particularly egregious, we may be able to countersue them and recoup financial damages.

The important thing is acting quickly and working with lawyers who understand the intricacies of MCA agreements. The collections process moves rapidly, but an experienced legal team can put on the brakes.

Defending Your Startup Against Predatory MCA Tactics

As a startup founder, you have enough challenges getting your business off the ground without predatory lenders making matters worse. Unfortunately, some merchant cash advance (MCA) providers do resort to manipulative tactics that take advantage of startups in vulnerable financial positions.If your startup is struggling to keep up with MCA payments due to slow growth or insufficient working capital, unscrupulous providers may attempt to strongarm you into accepting unreasonable repayment terms that severely hurt your business – or even drive you into bankruptcy.Common predatory MCA tactics include:

  • Imposing higher fees and interest rates than originally agreed upon
  • Making unlawful withdrawals from bank accounts without warning
  • Refusing to work with you on modified repayment terms when valid issues arise
  • Threatening legal action or asset seizures prematurely

Fighting back against such underhanded tactics is difficult without legal guidance. The good news? Our top startup lawyers have plenty of experience defending small business clients from all manner of predatory lending practices.With our help, many startups in your position have successfully gotten out of abusive MCA agreements, invalidated illegitimate contract terms, halted unlawful collections activities, and even recouped financial damages through countersuits.We understand the immense pressure startups face in the early stages of growth. We will stand up for your interests and help you break free of toxic MCA agreements so you can get back to focusing on your long-term vision.

What To Expect in MCA Agreement Legal Disputes

Facing a legal dispute with an MCA provider can be uncharted territory for many businesses unfamiliar with the process. It helps to have an overview of what to expect so you can plan accordingly.Here are some of the common phases of MCA dispute resolution and how having experienced legal defense makes a difference:

Negotiating with the MCA Provider

Your lawyer will spearhead attempts to negotiate a settlement or contract amendments directly with the MCA provider. With their expertise, you gain important leverage in discussions that can be difficult for less experienced negotiators.

Responding to Demand Letters or Lawsuits

If the provider escalates to sending threatening demand letters or filing a lawsuit, your legal team will handle crafting the appropriate response. This takes the burden off you while positioning your defense for the best possible outcome.

Litigation and Discovery Proceedings

Should the dispute proceed to litigation, your lawyers will represent you through the fact-finding phase known as discovery. This involves compiling evidence, conducting research, and determining case strengths/weaknesses.

Settlement Conferences and Agreements

Most MCA contract disputes end in a settlement between parties to avoid lengthy court battles. Your legal team will negotiate for the most advantageous terms possible before you sign any binding agreements.


If negotiations fail and a reasonable settlement can‘t be reached, then your case would proceed to trial. Less than 10% of disputes reach this stage since both sides have incentive to settle earlier on. But if necessary, your lawyers will continue mounting vigorous defense in court.Having the right legal team in your corner makes all the difference in achieving the optimal outcome in MCA contract disputes and debt litigation. We help reduce stress by putting our experience to work for you at every phase of the process.



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