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Rhode Island MCA Defense Lawyers Offer Hope for Small Businesses Struggling with Debt

Small business owners work hard to make their dreams a reality. Long hours, sleepless nights, and incredible risk often yield fruitful rewards down the road. But the road to success is not always smooth. When cash flow issues arise, many entrepreneurs turn to merchant cash advances (MCAs) and other alternative financing options to bridge the gap.While MCAs provide quick access to funds, they come at an extremely high cost. Exorbitant interest rates and aggressive collection tactics push many companies deeper into debt. Fortunately, Rhode Island MCA defense lawyers can help. Specializing in debt relief and defense, these attorneys fight to protect business owners from predatory lenders.

The True Cost of Merchant Cash Advances

Merchant cash advances seem like an easy fix when accounts receivable are low. Funders market them as flexible, convenient financing not tied to personal credit scores or collateral. While technically true, there are good reasons traditional lenders avoid clients who rely on MCAs.In exchange for a lump sum payment upfront, MCA agreements give funders access to a percentage of future sales. Payments are automatically withdrawn daily from credit card processing accounts until the balance reaches zero. There are no fixed monthly payments or payment schedules.While this flexibility seems appealing, it comes at an incredibly high cost:

  • Exorbitant interest rates – MCAs typically carry rates ranging from 60% to as high as 350% APR when fees are included. This is radically higher than even most credit cards.
  • Aggressive collections – MCA contracts give funders sweeping rights to seize business assets and bank accounts to recoup owed payments. Harassing calls are common tactics.
  • Opaque contracts – Critical terms like rates, fees, and payback amounts are often obscured in dense, confusing legal language. Merchants rarely understand the true costs before signing.

Caught off guard by these issues, many owners resort to taking out additional MCAs just to pay off previous ones. Their debt compounds exponentially until the business finally collapses.

Legal Protections Remain Limited

Unlike payday loans and other regulated financial products, most states do not currently govern merchant cash advances. Rhode Island has no laws explicitly covering MCA practices. Some attempts have been made to curb predatory small business lending, but so far these protect consumers only.That means business owners have little recourse against shady funders. Even blatantly abusive collection efforts often go unpunished. And funders exploit legal loopholes to seize assets and bank accounts.

How Rhode Island MCA Defense Lawyers Can Help

Reputable Rhode Island MCA defense lawyers act as critical advocates for small business owners. Their in-depth understanding of MCA contracts enables them to identify unlawful collections or breaches of good faith. Leveraging this knowledge, they negotiate settlements or litigate cases against predatory funders.Services a qualified attorney provides typically include:

Debt Settlement Negotiations

Attorneys open communication channels with MCA funders. Demonstrating case strengths and weaknesses, they secure lump sum settlements for significant reductions on owed balances (often 30% to 50% discounts). This resolves accounts without further legal action.

MCA Contract Reviews

Experienced lawyers carefully analyze MCA terms. If unlawful or confusing clauses are found, the attorney can get contracts voided or changed. Reviews also identify potential violations to leverage in settlement talks.

Defense Against Abusive Collections

When funders harass clients or unlawfully try to seize assets, lawyers issue cease and desist orders. They also represent clients in court if sued by collectors, having illegal cases dismissed.

Bankruptcy Filing Assistance

For severely distressed small businesses, attorneys can manage Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings. This provides protection from creditors while companies restructure or dissolve debt entirely.Guiding merchants through settlements or court proceedings takes extensive preparation. Lawyers gather account records, communicate with funders, file motions, and research case law to construct strong legal arguments. Their attention to detail and perseverance delivers results.While attorney fees vary based on case complexity and duration, the cost savings achieved make the investment worthwhile. The immediate financial relief and reduced stress business owners gain allows them to rebuild and move forward.

Beware MCA Consolidation Scams

Some companies advertise MCA consolidation services to help combine multiple cash advances into a single, more manageable loan. However, these too can be predatory. Replacing unaffordable debt with more expensive debt rarely improves cash flow struggles.When exploring consolidation, scrutinize terms as carefully as the original MCA contracts. Seek legal advice to ensure the agreements are legitimate and meet state regulations. Then examine the business’s underlying issues to develop realistic solutions.In some instances, consolidation may be a helpful temporary bridge. But meaningful long term relief requires fixing the root problems first. An attorney experienced with small business debt can advise on best steps for your unique situation.

Take Control of Your Financial Future

Rhode Island MCA defense lawyers empower business owners to take control of their financial futures. If an MCA or other small business loan has you struggling, contact an attorney right away. Timely intervention makes a huge difference.The legal experts at Delancey Street have helped many companies escape predatory contracts and crushing debt. To speak with a specialist about your options, call 212-210-1851 or visit our site. Help is just a phone call away.

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