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We are a dedicated team of attorneys and financial experts who specialize in helping business owners get out of debt and achieve financial freedom. If you own a small business in Riverside and are struggling with merchant cash advance (MCA) debt, we can help.

How We Can Assist With MCA Debt

Merchant cash advances can seem like an easy solution when cash flow is tight. But the high fees and daily repayments can quickly become overwhelming.Our legal team has extensive experience dealing with MCA companies. We dig into the fine print of your agreement to find errors and violations. If the agreement fails to comply with California laws, we can get it invalidated or the repayment terms reduced.Some of the common issues we look for include:

  • Excessively high fees and interest rates over the legal limit
  • Failure to clearly disclose all terms and conditions
  • Strong-arm tactics like threats if you fall behind on payments
  • Taking more than the allowed percentage of daily credit card receipts

Our approach is aggressive yet strategic. We don’t just fire off angry letters that ruin the chance of a settlement. Through meticulous documentation and well-crafted legal arguments, we put pressure on the MCA company while keeping the door open to negotiate.Settlements we’ve secured for clients include:

  • Getting the balance reduced by 50-80%
  • Having all fees and interest waived
  • Paying off the obligation with a lump-sum that’s a fraction of what’s owed
  • Structuring an affordable monthly repayment schedule

The sooner you contact us, the more leverage we have. We can stop the compounding interest and prevent the MCA company from siphoning your accounts.

Full-Service Business Debt Relief

In addition to defending against MCA obligations, we provide complete debt relief services to struggling business owners. This includes:

Settling Business Credit Card Debt – If your business is carrying balances on multiple credit cards charging painful interest rates, we negotiate with the banks to wipe out fees, reduce the amount owed, and consolidate into one monthly payment you can afford.

Tax Debt Resolution – If back taxes are piling up, we work with the IRS and California tax authorities to set up an “offer in compromise” or payment plan aligned with your budget. We may even get penalties and interest removed.

Stopping Creditor Harassment – Aggressive collection calls from creditors only add to the stress. We act as your representative to get the harassment stopped while developing a debt repayment or settlement strategy.

Preventing Lawsuits and Wage Garnishments – Creditors sometimes sue business owners out of frustration. We head off lawsuits before they’re filed and protect your assets from seizure. If a suit is already in progress, we take over negotiations with the opposing counsel.

Business Bankruptcy – As a last resort when debts are totally unmanageable, we guide you through business bankruptcy (usually Chapter 7 or Chapter 11). This immediately halts creditor collection efforts and wipes out eligible debt entirely or restructures it to be more affordable. The business can carry on operations through and after bankruptcy.Get in touch for a free consultation. We offer flexible payment options so you can get back on the path to financial stability.

Who We Are

We are not a law firm, but a professional services company combining legal expertise with financial management assistance. Our team includes:

  • Attorneys experienced in business, tax and bankruptcy law. Our lawyers have represented hundreds of small business clients across various industries. We know California debt collection laws inside-out and have an excellent track record getting favorable settlements and judgments for business owners.
  • Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Our CPAs are deeply familiar with the tax codes pertaining to small businesses. They work hand-in-hand with our attorneys during tax resolution cases and bankruptcy filings to ensure you take advantage of all eligible deductions, credits and exemptions.
  • MBA-level financial experts. Our financial specialists construct personalized debt repayment and cost-cutting strategies aligned with your revenue streams. They project future cash flows to put your finances back on solid ground.

We have helped over 7,500 business clients resolve debts totaling over $412 million. Our hands-on approach makes the difference:

“I was skeptical at first but they far surpassed my expectations. They settled my merchant cash advance balance at an unbelievable discount and saved my bacon when I was staring down the barrel of bankruptcy. Their financial advice also helped me strengthen my credit position going forward.” – Steve R., eCommerce business owner

We offer a free initial consultation to review your situation and map out a game plan. Call 212-210-1851 or contact us online to get started.

Can you stop creditor harassment? Absolutely. We send legal notices informing creditors they must cease contact with you directly and route everything through our office. Any further harassment violates federal and state fair debt collection laws, subjecting them to penalties and fines.

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