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Tulsa MCA Defense Lawyers Offer Hope for Small Businesses Struggling with Debt

Small business owners have a lot on their plates – managing inventory, employees, marketing, and finances can quickly become overwhelming. When cash flow issues arise, many turn to merchant cash advances (MCAs) for quick financing without realizing the consequences of failing to repay.Tulsa has seen an influx of predatory MCA lending practices that take advantage of small business owners in dire financial straits. While MCAs promise fast cash, they often cripple businesses with exorbitant interest rates and aggressive collection tactics.Fortunately, Tulsa MCA defense lawyers can help small business owners fight back against shady lending practices. With extensive experience defending clients against MCA lenders, these attorneys level the playing field for business owners faced with crippling MCA debt.

How MCAs Work

Merchant cash advances provide businesses with lump-sum cash in exchange for a percentage of future credit card and debit card sales. The transactions are structured as cash advances rather than loans, allowing MCA companies to circumvent state usury laws capping interest rates.While MCAs carry no set repayment dates, the agreements require businesses to repay the advance through daily automatic withdrawals from their bank accounts. The withdrawals usually amount to 10-20% of total daily credit card sales until the balance is paid off.On a $50,000 MCA with 15% withdrawals, a business generating $5,000 daily in credit card sales would see $750 automatically debited from its account each day. However, if credit card sales dip to $3,000, the daily withdrawal still remains $750 – eating 25% of sales.This structure often snowballs businesses into a debt spiral, as revenues drained by daily withdrawals leave less operating cash available to boost sales.

The Pitfalls Borrowers Face

Most business owners are unaware of the risks associated with MCAs:

  • Exorbitantly high effective interest rates – While MCAs carry no formal interest rate, the equivalent can amount to 200-500% APR when factoring in fees.
  • Aggressive collection tactics – MCA lenders can freeze bank accounts, garnish merchant processors, and sue business owners for repayment. Many agreements contain “confessions of judgment” allowing lenders to obtain judgments without advance notice.
  • Damage to credit scores – Missed payments, debt spirals, and legal judgments devastate business credit reports.
  • Loss of collateral – Breaching MCA agreements can allow lenders to seize business assets put up as collateral.

While the business landscape in Tulsa has changed with increased awareness of predatory lending practices, many small business owners still carry the burden of crushing MCA debt.Fortunately, experienced attorneys can help Tulsa business owners reclaim financial stability.

How Tulsa MCA Defense Lawyers Can Help

Tulsa MCA defense lawyers have extensive experience representing local small business owners against MCA lenders and debt collectors. Their legal expertise levels the playing field and provides the best chance for favorable outcomes.Services a qualified Tulsa MCA attorney can provide include:

  • Reviewing MCA Agreements – Experienced attorneys scrutinize MCA contracts to identify prohibited terms, usury violations, and other unlawful provisions under Oklahoma law.
  • Negotiating Settlements – Tulsa MCA lawyers negotiate with lenders to settle debts for less than owed. Many cases settle prior to trial.
  • Defending Against Lawsuits – Should litigation ensue, lawyers build strong legal defenses against breach of contract and collection lawsuits filed by MCA lenders.
  • Advising on Bankruptcy – For businesses with untenable debts, attorneys may recommend Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy to eliminate qualifying MCA debt.

An attorney well-versed in Oklahoma law regarding MCAs can provide a free case review to discuss the best options for getting out from crushing merchant cash advance debt.

Selecting a Qualified Tulsa MCA Attorney

With the right legal guidance, small business owners can regain their financial footing and move forward. However, choosing from the sea of Tulsa MCA lawyers can prove daunting.Here are important criteria to evaluate when selecting legal representation:

Specialized Experience

Not all business attorneys possess the skills to litigate against MCA lenders. Be sure to choose a lawyer with specific merchant cash advance experience.

Track Record of Success

Ask lawyers about their background in settling and defending MCA cases during your initial consultation. Review online testimonials and ratings as well. A proven record of favorable settlements and case dismissals is vital.

Comprehensive Legal Guidance

Choose a lawyer who explores all options – settlement, lawsuit defense, and even bankruptcy if viable. Beware attorneys suggesting bankruptcy too quickly without reviewing your case particulars.

Reasonable Fees

While legal expertise has value, make sure the attorney’s compensation structure seems reasonable for services rendered. Fees should not add to your financial burdens.With the right legal partner, Tulsa small business owners can loosen the financial binds of predatory MCA arrangements. Experienced Tulsa MCA defense lawyers serve as valuable allies so entrepreneurs can move past debt and continue building their dreams.

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