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Vermont MCA Defense Lawyers Can Help With Business Debt Relief

Running a small business is tough. There‘s so much to manage – employees, inventory, marketing, finances. It can be overwhelming. And when cash flow gets tight, it’s easy to fall behind on bills or resort to quick money solutions like merchant cash advances (MCAs). But those high-interest loans often just dig the hole deeper.If you took out an MCA in Vermont and are struggling with sky-high payments, know there’s hope. Legal defenses exist that can invalidate the MCA agreement or reduce what you owe. Retaining an experienced business debt relief lawyer is key. They understand state laws around usury, fraud, and unfair lending practices. With an attorney’s help, you may be able to settle debts at a fraction of what you owe or have them dismissed entirely.

How MCAs Can Trap Small Businesses

Merchant cash advances seem innocuous at first. An MCA company gives you an upfront lump sum of cash in exchange for a percentage of future credit card sales. There‘s no set repayment schedule – you just pay back a fixed amount daily until the balance is satisfied.This flexibility is what attracts cash-strapped business owners. But hidden fees and exorbitant interest rates make MCAs crazy expensive, often equivalent to 60-200% APR! And shady lenders use obscure contractual language that’s hard to understand. Before you know it, you‘ve signed away all your revenue for years to come.It’s a predatory practice that’s legal in Vermont. But experienced attorneys know how to beat MCA companies at their own game.

Four Powerful Defenses Against Predatory MCAs

If you got duped into an unfair MCA agreement in Vermont, all hope isn’t lost. Savvy lawyers utilize these key legal arguments to invalidate contracts or reduce owed balances:

1. Unconscionability

Courts can rule contract terms “unconscionable” – so unjust and one-sided they shouldn‘t be enforced. Attorneys argue hidden fees, astronomical interest rates, and confusing language in MCA deals are blatantly unfair. This can get them thrown out entirely.

2. Usury

Vermont caps interest on loans at 24% APR. But MCA companies exploit a loophole, claiming they aren’t making loans but rather purchasing future revenue. Smart lawyers defeat this semantic trick, showing the cash given is actually an ultra high-interest loan violating state usury laws. This makes the agreement unenforceable.


The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act combats organized schemes to defraud. Attorneys argue MCA tactics like obscuring true costs constitute fraud and racketeering. This triggers triple damages plus attorneys fees under RICO, offsetting owed balances.

4. Deceptive Trade

Vermont consumer protection laws ban deceptive business practices. Failing to clearly disclose fees, misrepresenting terms, aggressive collections – these shady MCA tactics often violate trade laws. This compels contract changes or financial penalties benefiting the business owner.

Partnering With The Right Attorney Is Crucial

Don’t tackle predatory MCA companies alone. Retain an experienced business debt relief attorney, well-versed in Vermont law, to fight on your behalf.The legal arguments above require procedural savvy and deep case law knowledge. Less seasoned lawyers often miss winning angles or mishandle strategy. And the MCA lobby spent over $1 million recently lobbying state government – proof they’ll pull out all stops to beat small businesses in court.You need someone battle-tested taking your side. Look for these key traits:

  • Deep expertise in business debt relief and financial services litigation – this specialty area has unique complexities
  • Mastery of MCA contractual loopholes – they’ve fought these lenders before and know where to attack
  • Creative legal strategizing – they apply novel solutions like RICO to fit your situation
  • Relentless, aggressive approach – they won’t back down or get bullied by MCA firms
  • Compassion for small business struggles – they genuinely care and won’t treat you like just another case

Also beware lawyers suggesting bankruptcy. That’s the easy way out for them but can cripple your business long-term. Demand debt dismissal or settlement so you can move forward unhindered.

You Deserve Financial Freedom

Predatory lending sinks too many Vermont small businesses. But legal options exist to invalidate or reduce MCA debts. Partner with a skilled business debt relief attorney to fight back.Regain control of your finances. Bring creativity and compassion back to your work instead of stressing over crushing debt payments. And pledge to help other struggling entrepreneurs escape MCA traps by sharing your story once you win.Everyone deserves a true chance at running a fulfilling, financially stable small business. Don‘t let shady MCA deals steal that away. Get empowered, get organized, and get the legal firepower you need to defeat this once and for all!

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