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  • Owned by Bob Mutch
  • DMOZ Listings: 2
  • DMOZ Extra Link: 1
  • Yahoo Directory Links: 23
  • EDU Links: 6
  • GOV Links: 1
  • Alexa Traffic Rank: 13,370
  • Yahoo IBL Site: 19,491
  • Yahoo IBL Home Page: 6,259
  • Saved: 175
  • PV: 1,495,754/m 53,420/d
  • Visits: 52,364/m 1,870/d
  • Uniques: 35,895/m 1260/d
  • Site established: July 25/2004
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1. Quality Reports -- We document your links and provide you a Word and HTML document of all links the directories give you! On the report we provide a Google cache link of the directory page to show if it is indexed or not.
-- Sample submissions report.
2. All-Ready-In-Directory Refunds -- We give refunds (labor & submission fee) if your site is already in one of the directories.
-- Sample #1 package report which received a $171 refund.
3. Prices For Every Budget -- We do directory submissions that match your budget from $32 to $4,987.
4. We do quality work -- SEO companies outsource their work to us.
5. NO COMPLAINTS -- We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and our BBB report states that "The Bureau processed a total of 0 complaints about this company in the last 36 months".
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v1.1 ILQ Firefox extension now works with Firefox v2.0
The web based ILQ Rating Tool is now available as a FireFox Extension. This tool give you the ILQ (Inbound Link Quality) rating of the current site showing in your FF browser.
v1.1 FireFox ILQ Rating Extension
CLICK HERE -----> Download FireFox ILQ Rating Extension
This tool shows the number of inbound, dmoz, edu and gov links the current site has.
v1.5 Web Based ILQ Rating Tool
ILQ: 0 | Y!: 0 | DMOZ: 0 | edu: 0 | gov: 0
CLICK HERE -----> ILQ Directory Search Tool
CLICK HERE -----> 40 Directories Rated by ILQ
CLICK HERE -----> Web Based ILQ Rating Tool

PRESS RELEASE -- Aylmer, ON (PRWEB) April 13, 2006 -- Marketing expert Bob Mutch has developed a new system to rate Web sites based on the number of inbound links a site has from Educational and Government Web sites and from the Open Project Directory (DMOZ).
This new rating system, called ILQ (Inbound Link Quality), is not easily manipulated or artificially inflated through purchased links, and it provides a better matrix to evaluate the ranking weight search engines give inbound links.
CLICK HERE -----> Full Text of Press Release
CLICK HERE -----> 40 Directories Rated by ILQ

Jeff Klem - President of Remdeysoft, Inc [+/- Expand] - I wanted to take the time to thank you for your extremely effective SEO strategies that we have utilized.
Contact - for Web & Website Design
Matthew Earle - Business Analyst of Kanetix Ltd. [+/- Expand] - Bob Mutch is the most proactive, straightforward and knowledgeable SEO professional I have ever had the pleasure of hiring.
Contact - for Auto Insurance
Calum Edmond - Director of [+/- Expand] - Bob Mutch is hands down the most reliable guy in the business!
Contact - for Car Hire/Car Rental Services Worldwide
Mike Catlett - IT Director of KD Kanopy. [+/- Expand] - Dealing with Bob Mutch for our link strategies has been both rewarding and easy.
Contact - for Canopies, Tents & Banners
Yoav Ezer - VP of eMarketing at Cogniview Systems. [+/- Expand] - After working with another (very famous) SEO consultant and failing miserably, Bob has been a breath of fresh air.
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